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Recognizing 10 years of excellence and innovation at AdventHealth Center for Interventional Endoscopy

Dr. Muhammad K. Hasan performing an endoscopic procedure at AdventHealth Center for Interventional Endoscopy.

Q&A with Dr. Muhammad K. Hasan, medical director, AdventHealth Center for Interventional Endoscopy

What types of ailments would lead a patient to consult with physicians at AdventHealth Center for Interventional Endoscopy?
CIE integrates therapeutic endoscopy with minimally invasive endoscopic surgery to diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of gastrointestinal ailments and a wide range of complex gastrointestinal diseases. These may include pancreatico-biliary diseases, esophageal and gastric motility disorders and cancerous or pre-cancerous GI lesions.

Are patients referred to CIE by other doctors or can they go there directly?
As our patients have specialized and complex endoscopy needs, other physicians usually refer them to us. We at CIE are committed to working closely in partnership with referring physicians to ensure patients receive personalized care. We have a strong belief in returning those patients to their referring physicians to ensure continuity of care once the interventional endoscopy treatment needs are met.

What are the most innovative aspects of AdventHealth CIE?
We can now treat a lot of complex GI diseases endoscopically that previously would have required major surgery. These advanced endoscopic interventions often can provide an alternative to more invasive surgeries that in turn translates into less time in the hospital and a speedier recovery for the patient.

Are there procedures offered at CIE that are not offered anywhere else in Central Florida?
AdventHealth CIE is one of only a few programs in the nation to offer advanced pediatric complex endoscopy services, i.e., ERCP for patients as young as infants less than one month old. We serve as a regional referral center for those services.

I understand you are rapidly approaching the 10th anniversary of CIE?
Yes, and we’re very excited. AdventHealth CIE was founded in 2012, and we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary in March. We are the first interventional endoscopy center in Central Florida, and we’ve evolved to become one of the largest complex endoscopy centers in the country, attracting patients from around the globe.

What kind of advancements do you anticipate this year and during the next 10 years?
We’ve recently added in December 2021 a dedicated Pancreatic Center led by Dr. Mustafa Arain, which provides coordinated, whole-person care for patients with a range of pancreatic conditions including recurrent acute pancreatitis, chronic and hereditary pancreatitis, and pancreatic cysts. The Pancreas Center at CIE also offers hereditary pancreatic screening and can help facilitate care for patients with pancreatic cancers.

Dr. Dennis Yang recently expanded CIE’s Third Space Endoscopy program, also known as submucosal endoscopy. It’s a highly specialized program with minimally invasive procedures performed deep inside the GI tract to treat esophageal disorders, such as achalasia, gastroparesis and sluggish stomach, submucosal tumors, and pre-cancerous or early cancerous legions.

CIE is adding an Endobariatrics program in 2022 led by Dr. Kambiz Kadkhodayan, which will offer patients access to endoscopic weight-loss procedures, such as endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG), commonly called “the accordion procedure.” The ESG uses an endoscope with an attached suturing device to place sutures in the stomach. It’s minimally invasive and serves as an alternative to traditional gastric sleeve surgery.

What will patients enjoy most about AdventHealth CIE?
It’s all about improving health outcomes and providing exceptional patient care and experience. Our patients let us know how pleased they are with procedures – we get a lot of fan mail – because the innovations here help them achieve better health in a shorter period. No one likes difficult surgeries and long recoveries. Our CIE physicians and specialists are making it possible to speed the whole health process in a nurturing environment.