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Pro volleyball in Central Florida and breaking barriers for female athletes

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Side by side headshots of Amy Pauly and Dr. Nicole Wilson
Amy Pauly, Orlando Valkyries head coach (left) and Dr. Nicole Wilson, Rothman Orthopaedics sports medicine physician at AdventHealth (right)

Volleyball — one of the fastest growing sports in the country — is pivotal in helping female athletes break through barriers, according to Amy Pauly, head coach and vice president of volleyball operations for the Orlando Valkyries, a member team of the Pro Volleyball Federation.

In this episode of the Inspiring Wholeness podcast, Pauly talks with Dr. Nicole Wilson, a Rothman Orthopaedics sports medicine physician at AdventHealth, about bringing pro volleyball to Central Florida.

"We've been really lucky with the fans and support from the community,” Pauly said. “I think they should know we're going to continue to get better and stronger and bring in great talent —and we want to make the city proud."

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

· How Orlando became home to pro volleyball, and the Valkyries inaugural season.

· The challenges and opportunities the Valkyries face in a sport that operates independently without support from male counterpart leagues.

· Caring for women athletes to help them stay healthy and reach peak performance.

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