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Pet therapy volunteers bring much needed comfort and smiles

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Since her father’s stay, she and Duke McDreamy, a four-year-old Great Pyrenees, have become two of the most recognized and beloved faces in AdventHealth’s pet therapy program. Tiffany recently shared in an interview with WKMG News 6 that they often arrive 40 minutes before their volunteer shift to spend time with everyone who can’t help but stop and marvel at Duke’s fluffy coat and sweet smile.

Pet therapy volunteer Duke McDreamy and AdventHealth team members.
Duke McDreamy with some of his favorite AdventHealth team members.

Patients, visitors and team members alike have all benefited from a friendly visit with Tiffany and Duke. Through her volunteer training, Tiffany learned that dogs like Duke sense those in need of comfort and work to absorb their sorrow, fears and strife while leaving an indelible mark of friendship, comfort and love. It’s hard work for them both, but a never-ending supply of belly rubs keeps Duke motivated.

Duke McDreamy comforts an AdventHealth team member.
Duke McDreamy spends time with AdventHealth team members, patients and visitors.

To learn more about AdventHealth’s pet therapy program and become a volunteer, please click here.

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