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National groups look to AdventHealth for expertise in artificial intelligence

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AdventHealth has been invited to play a pivotal role in advancing responsible AI within the health care industry.

ORLANDO, Fla., April 17, 2024 — AdventHealth has been asked to participate in two critical initiatives focused on the responsible development and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in health care, highlighting the recognition of the health system’s expertise and thought leadership in the field.

“AdventHealth is honored to be part of a selected group of organizations leading the national conversation on the responsible use of AI in health care,” said Dr. Victor Herrera, chief clinical officer for AdventHealth’s Central Florida Division. “We value the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience in using artificial intelligence to provide whole-person care.”

Dr. Victor Herrera and Rob Purinton appear on AdventHealth's Inspiring Wholeness podcast.
Dr. Victor Herrera and Rob Purinton discuss artificial intelligence on AdventHealth's Inspiring Wholeness podcast.

AdventHealth is using AI in many ways, each one of which has been reviewed and approved by an advisory board which takes patient safety and privacy into account before approving technology for use. The board includes top health care professionals along with industry experts to help vet each program before it’s put into use with patients.

The initiatives are:

Coalition for Health AI (CHAI)

AdventHealth is a founding member of the Coalition for Health AI (CHAI), a group shaping the responsible use of AI in health care. CHAI unites leading health care providers, technology companies, and academic institutions to establish best practices for AI development and implementation. Their working groups focus on safety, transparency and accountability in all AI applications. Both the Food & Drug Administration, as well as the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology – which is within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – are also involved in the leadership of CHAI.

Along with AdventHealth, CHAI’s members include Johns Hopkins Medicine and Mayo Clinic as well as Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Trustworthy, Responsible AI Network (TRAIN)

Another founding member role finds AdventHealth collaborating with the Trustworthy, Responsible AI Network (TRAIN). This consortium of health care leaders strives to make safe and effective AI accessible to every health care organization. TRAIN will facilitate the sharing of best practices, develop tools to measure AI effectiveness in health care and create a registry for sharing information on AI algorithms as well as operationalizing responsible AI principles recommended by CHAI.

AdventHealth is joined by Microsoft in collaborating with TRAIN, along with Duke Health, Cleveland Clinic and Boston Children's Hospital.

“By sharing our knowledge and collaborating with other health care leaders through CHAI and TRAIN, we can significantly accelerate the development of AI solutions that will improve patient outcomes and shape the future of health care,” said Rob Purinton, vice president of analytics and performance improvement for AdventHealth, who, along with Herrera, underscores that AI will augment, not replace, health care professionals.

“These tools will help caregivers be more effective and efficient while improving their experience when taking care of patients,” Purinton said.

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