Hospital tailors art and music therapy program to address cancer patient’s needs

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Fla., ORLANDO, Fla., March. 15, 2018 — Florida Hospital Cancer Institute features an Integrative and Creative Arts Therapies program devoted to treat the very specific and diverse needs of oncology patients, outpatients and their caregivers.

Fatigue, anxiety, depression and self-confidence are some of the main multidimensional effects patients experience during treatment. The different therapies developed for this program give patients and outpatients resources to cope with them.

“I remember being so tired while receiving radiation that I couldn’t do something as simple as taking a deep breath,” said Julie, a survivorship choir participant - one of the group therapies offered in the program.

The program is different from the ones previously offered in Music Therapy at Florida Hospital, since all complimentary individual and group therapy sessions are not only open to patients at all stages of cancer but also to outpatients and their caregivers.

“For the first time, Florida Hospital is offering art and music therapy services devoted to the adult oncology population,” said Rich Moats, manager of the Integrative and Creative Arts Therapy Program. “This is an affirmation of Florida Hospital’s commitment to whole-person care so that patients can get the best possible outcomes and quality of life.”

Each one of the therapies addresses a different symptom. Songwriting and art compositions help express emotional pain, while instrument engagement helps patients focus and get distracted from their physical pain.

“You won’t hear this from a lot of people but cancer has given me some gifts, and one of them is the friends I’ve made in the survivorship choir,” said Julie. “There’s something about singing in harmony with my group, I feel there are some endorphins that get me to the next day.”

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