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Hope Clinic's Free Care Earns Recognition as CommUnity Champion

AdventHealth University's Hope Clinic is featured as a CommUnity Champion.

Hope Clinic provides free occupational therapy, administered by AdventHealth University students, to those in the community who have no insurance or insurance that won't pay for these services and is one of WESH Channel 2' CommUnity Champions.

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When you watch Fermin Vazquez dance at his daughter's quinceañera after a spinal cord injury in a car accident years ago, you understand the value of Hope Clinic.

This clip and others illustrate a recent TV segment announcing the Hope Clinic as a WESH Channel 2 CommUnity Champion.

AdventHealth University's Hope Clinic provides occupational therapy, physical therapy and other care to those in the community who are uninsured or underinsured. Students earning a degree in nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and physician assistant studies receive clinical training at Hope Clinic, supervised by faculty members.

"There's just this sense of hope and empowerment and value that you feel. So for me, it helped shape my journey for what I want to do in the future, but also it's just such a good experience to be a part of (the patients') journey," said Kathlyn Urdaz, who graduated in 2022 with her master's degree in occupational therapy and returns to Hope Clinic twice a week as a volunteer.

Hope Clinic relies on the generosity of the community to provide services. If you would like to support the clinic, please visit this donations page.

Patient Fermin Vazquez dances with his daughter.
In a segment featured on WESH Channel 2, a video of patient Fermin Vazquez dancing with his daughter at her quinceanera illustrates the important care delivered by the Hope Clinic.

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