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Expanding hope: Trina Hidalgo Heart Care Center's new home at AdventHealth Orlando

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The Trina Hidalgo Heart Care Center, which for nearly 20 years has provided much-needed cardiac care for Central Floridians in need, has a new home on the campus of AdventHealth Orlando. In their new permanent office, the center remains dedicated to serving the most vulnerable members of the community. The decision to relocate and expand the center stems from a pressing need for enhanced services in the face of rising heart disease rates, particularly among vulnerable populations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease is the leading cause of death for people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States, including African American, American Indian, Alaska Native, Hispanic and white men.

Exam Room
Exam room

Founded in 2006 as part of AdventHealth's Heart, Lung, and Vascular Institute, the center is not just a medical facility; it's a lifeline for many Central Floridians facing heart-related challenges. Dedicated to providing essential medical care, education, and support to underserved, uninsured cardiac and heart failure patients, the clinic ensures no one is turned away due to financial constraints. This new space provides more room for two nurse practitioners and clinical pharmacists as well as a private space for the center's social worker to meet with patients and four exam rooms.

"It’s very missional that we were able to provide more access to more patients and we got to a point where we couldn’t grow anymore," said Gordon Wesley, vice president of the AdventHealth Heart, Lung, and Vascular Institute. "In the new location, there's room to grow over the next few years."

Currently, specialized cardiac care for the uninsured is scarce in Central Florida, leaving many without access to vital treatments and support. The clinic's new location at the AdventHealth Orlando Medical Plaza represents a commitment toward addressing these critical gaps in health care delivery.

"If our patients come from AdventHealth Orlando, they know where we are now because we're connected," said Jordan Galbraith, nurse practitioner at the Trina Hidalgo Heart Care Center. "We’re just right across the way versus trying to explain how to get there, so being closer provides more convenient access for our referrals."

The impact of the center is profound and far-reaching. About 80% of their patients come from AdventHealth, and they currently serve about 900 patients. In 2023 alone, the clinic recorded over 2,800 patient visits, including 377 new patients. These individuals, often facing financial hardships and limited resources, found more than medical care, they found a source of hope and empowerment. Through comprehensive treatment plans, education, and access to essential medical equipment, patients have been able to manage their conditions effectively, leading to improved health outcomes and, in many cases, transformed lives.

THHCC team
The Trina Hidalgo Heart Care Center team with their Press Ganey 2023 World Class Practice Award for patient experience

"A lot of folks in our area have lost insurance or don't have insurance, and so they don't have access to care, especially specialty care. If they had a heart attack, heart surgery, valve surgery, or heart failure, they need to be receiving specialty care, and we are the only full-time clinic that's available to them," said Cynthia Hayes, co-founder and nurse practitioner at the Trina Hidalgo Heart Care Center. "I wanted to start the clinic because we kept seeing patients coming in and out of the hospital with heart failure, especially because they'd get 30 days of medicine at the hospital and then get discharged with nowhere to go for cardiology follow-up care."

During the opening, the center’s team received the Press Ganey 2023 World Class Practice Award for being nationally ranked within the 95th percentile for patient experience.

As the center looks toward the future, it does so with hope, determination, and a steadfast dedication to extending the healing ministry of Christ and transforming lives—one heartbeat at a time.

"Many folks that have cardiovascular diseases or heart-related conditions are left untreated, have a lack of education, or they don’t have the resources available," said Wesley. "We provide all of those for our patients and our communities. By embodying our mission, we offer these services and we put our arms and hearts around our communities and take care of patients from all walks of life."

The Trina Hidalgo Health Care Center’s new location at AdventHealth Orlando can be found at 2501 N. Orange Ave, Suite 542.

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