Central Florida baby is family’s fourth generation to be born at Florida Hospital

PCP talking with a family

Fla., ORLANDO, Fla., June 1, 2018 — Nurses wheeled down Diana Hughes, 33, and her new baby, Lillian, to meet with the three women who have experience the birth of their daughter in the same place where she just welcomed the newest generation of her family.

When Carroll Simpson, Lillian’s great grandma, family welcomed her in 1940, they never imagined that she’d be returning to the hospital that saw her be born an additional three times to welcome her family newest members. To her, returning to what used to be a small sanitarium on the shores of Lake Estelle is a happy tradition.

In 1963, Carroll returned to her birth place to give birth to her baby girl, Sherry Reek. Years later, Sherry continued the tradition, and welcomed her bundle of joy in 1985. Today, Diana is able to understand the experience her mom and grandma went through — from the same building they went through it.

The staff cherishes the ability to continue to be part of this special tradition. “Something like… We hope to see Lillian welcome the fifth generation of babies in her family here, and carry on this special tradition,” said Dr. Ashley Hill, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Florida Hospital Orlando.

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