Busting myths about COVID-19

A Conversation with Tim Hendrix, Busting COVID Myths

You can’t believe everything you hear or read about the global pandemic.

You’ve heard it all before, and have maybe repeated a few of these myths yourself:

“Only 6% of people listed as having died of COVID actually died of COVID.”

It takes 2 weeks to get results after a COVID-19 test.

“Maybe we should just let everyone get sick and move on.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a series of myths about the virus that, if believed, could be harmful to people.

Dr. Tim Hendrix, medical director at AdventHealth Centra Care, addressed several of those myths in a short interview with Tom Johnson of AdventHealth TV. Hendrix challenges some of the more common and sometimes harmful assumptions people are making about COVID-19. Let’s be careful out there…