AdventHealth Morning Briefing with Dr. Luis Allen and Dr. Mike Westerveld May 21, 2020

Central Florida North, As part of our ongoing Facebook Live series, the AdventHealth Morning Briefing, our community’s mental health was the topic of discussion today as individuals of all ages cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Luis Allen, psychiatrist and medical director of the Center for Behavioral Health at AdventHealth Orlando, and Dr. Mike Westerveld, a clinical psychologist who specializes in pediatrics, spoke about the prevailing anxiety everyone has been living with during this unprecedented time, and ways to help manage it.

Insights include:

  • Senior citizens are dealing with highest levels of anxiety and depression as they live more in isolation and yearn to see their families. We are meant to be social by nature, so reach out to seniors – call, write, get creative – to help them feel cared for and less alone.
  • Children are internalizing their own stress and sometimes also take on the stress of their parents. This can cause physical symptoms and behavioral issues – warning signs include depression, acting out, lack of sleep, and decrease in appetite.
  • Take the time to care for yourself. Get outside and get some fresh air. Walk or exercise. Do an act of kindness for others. It can improve your emotional well-being.