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A decade of discovery: AdventHealth’s research institute explores how exercise works and sends cells to space to help customize medicine

Steven R. Smith, M.D., chief scientific officer at AdventHealth, recently joined WFTV News Anchor Greg Warmoth on Central Florida Spotlight to discuss a decade of discovery at AdventHealth’s Translational Research Institute (TRI). Dr. Smith explained the world-class research in metabolism, obesity, aging and diabetes underway in Central Florida, backed by over 20 National Institutes of Health grants for research funding. TRI celebrated ten years of bringing cutting edge medical research to Central Florida in 2022.

Steven R. Smith, M.D. on the set of WFTV's Central Florida Spotlight with anchor Greg Warmoth
Dr. Smith joins WFTV’s Greg Warmoth on Central Florida Spotlight to discuss the research happening at AdventHealth’s Translational Research Institute and how the community can participate in these groundbreaking trials.

In collaboration with NASA and the University of Florida, researchers at TRI took biopsies of muscle tissues and grew them outside the body. They then sent those cells to the International Space Station to now study and learn more about what happens to the body in microgravity.

This study doesn’t only have implications for astronauts, but also for many people on Earth, Smith explains. “Muscles atrophy happens very quickly, particularly in patients on bedrest because of a medical condition, such as a broken hip. This study can help clinicians understand at a molecular level why this happens and how we can reserve it.”

Researchers at AdventHealth are also studying exercise in a unique way. The MoTrPAC study explores how the body responds to exercise at the molecular level and why some people’s bodies tend to respond better than others to exercise. For more information on the MoTrPAC study or to participate, click here.

For a list of all the clinical trials at the Translational Research Institute and how those interested can participate, click here.

To watch the full WFTV broadcast, click here.

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