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Scott Brady, MD is the founder and Director of the Brady Institute for Health at AdventHealth in Celebration, Florida.  A graduate of the Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest University, with Board certification in Internal Medicine – Dr. Brady has spent the last decade developing his holistic, non-invasive, mind-body-spirit treatments for chronic or recurrent pain. 

More About Scott Brady

Dr. Brady has practiced Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care Medicine throughout Central Florida for over fifteen years. He is the Administrator and Senior Vice President of AdventHealth’s sixteen Centra Care urgent care clinics.  Dr. Brady is also the medical director of Get Healthy, Florida, which has worked with AdventHealth Centra Care and the Florida Department of Health to distribute more than one hundred thousand doses of influenza vaccines throughout central Florida.

An accomplished communicator and health-educator, Dr. Brady is a frequent guest lecturer to physicians, and patient groups on topics including fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, mind-body-spirit disorders, the stress response, and mind-body medicine.  In addition, he is has been interviewed by CNN, MSNBC, the Today Show, and numerous other news organizations around the country.

Knowing his unique position as an emerging leader in developing mind-body-spirit techniques to counter pain,  Florida Hospital provided him with high-profile facilities to pursue his work at Celebration, Florida, the model Disney community. Dr. Brady established the Brady Institute for Health there in 2000.

In addition to his medical practice in Florida, Dr. Brady has traveled extensively, helping treat patients in hospitals and clinics in underserved areas including Zaire, Swaziland, Kenya, Brazil, and Ukraine.  Dr. Brady and his wife Pamela live in Orlando along with their 4 daughters: Abigail Grace, Lydia Grace, Sarah Grace, and Hannah Grace; or as they call it, “the Brady Sister’s Fun Club.”

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