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Doctors, nurses, and other caregivers provide the most intimate of services the health and healing of our bodies, minds and spirits. When one human being cares for another, it should call forth our best of efforts and bring with it remarkable job satisfaction. Yet we find that medical professionals today are stressed, overburdened and often discouraged, with job-satisfaction rates at an all-time low. How can this be and how is it impacting the patients?

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By tapping into new research and powerful stories from patients and caregivers, Perez weaves a compelling portrait of both the purpose and promise of modern medical care. Perez keeps his focus on the balance between consistently superior clinical performance and reliably purposeful interactions that bring meaning and healing to patient and caregiver alike.

The Patient Experience teaches:

  • The 3 acts of The Patient Experience
  • What is the one driving principle behind raising patient satisfaction?
  • How to create moments of heartfelt, intentional hope communicated by word or deed
  • The most important question to ask

The AdventHealth Healthcare and Leadership Monograph Series is rooted in the intellectual capital of employees at AdventHealth - the largest admitting hospital in America. Monographs in this series provide focused, expert, relevant, and affordable training to interested individuals and organizations on a specific topic. Because of AdventHealth's history, as well as a vast array of business and medical innovations, the monograph series covers topics with a unique whole person health undertone.

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About the Author

Orlando Jay Perez, M.Div, ACPE, has worked in the field of behavioral and spiritual health for more than 25 years. Jay has used his extensive experience and passion to assist thousands of people in achieving whole person health and healing through the optimization of behavioral development, relational experiences and spiritual nurturing.

Jay received an undergraduate degree in Theology from Southwestern Adventist University and a Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University Theological Seminary. He is a Certified Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor and member of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE). Jay is an ordained minister with thirteen years of pastoral ministry experience and 13 years of clinical ministry work at hospitals in Texas and Florida.

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