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Amy Robertson grew up surrounded by music. Whether it was her grandfather singing to her with guitar, going to polka halls with family or singing and dancing to the radio—Amy loved music. She attended Oklahoma City University to pursue a music degree in flute performance. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Amy became captivated by the potential of medical music therapy. The thought that a simple melody could do great things like decrease pain, stabilize vital signs, or enhance healing intrigued her.

More About Amy Robertson

Amy attended Florida State University where she received her master’s degree in music therapy and completed her internship at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Upon graduation, she set her sights on starting a new medical music therapy program at the largest admitting hospital in America—Florida Hospital. Though Florida Hospital served over 1 million patients a year it had no music therapy program.

By developing an original proposal and business plan Amy won over hospital administration and clinical staff. The music therapy program she began at AdventHealth now covers multiple patient populations including cardiac, oncology, pulmonary, stroke, pediatric, behavioral health, NICU, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, palliative care, bereavement, and physical rehab. Amy also works extensively with employee population’s to promote wellness, stress reduction, and motivation through music which has lead to higher employee satisfaction rates. In addition, Amy leads drum circles and teaches musical lifestyle enhancement to management groups.

Under Amy’s leadership, Florida Hospital became the first in the nation to receive reimbursement for music therapy inpatient services in the NICU. Amy’s pioneering work has been recognized both nationally and internationally with groups coming from as far as Japan, New Zealand and Spain to observe her work and learn her techniques.

Amy is the author of two monographs entitled Music, Medicine and Miracles and The Music Therapy Revolution, as well as several journal articles on her research. At present, she is working on a book for general audiences about the healing power of music.

Amy currently serves as supervisor for the medical music therapy program at AdventHealth where she continues to practice, teach, consult, speak, publish and conduct original research. She also serves as the clinical training supervisor for medical music therapy interns from all over America.

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Music, Medicine, and Miracles: How to Provide Medical Music Therapy for Pediatric Patients and Get Paid for It