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Reach Your Full Potential With Our New Sports Performance Programs

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Are you ready to take your sports performance skills to the next level? AdventHealth Sports Med and Rehab is now offering three brand-new sports performance programs, available at select locations, designed to help athletes of all levels reach peak performance using leading-edge 3-D motion analysis technology and comprehensive personalized training strategies.

Using the latest motion-analysis technology, our experts will evaluate your speed of movement, flexibility, symmetry and posture and design an exercise plan tailored to your specific needs to improve your strength, balance and movement.

Keep reading to discover the details behind each of these three exciting programs.

Sports Performance Program

The Sports Performance Program offers offers a well-rounded approach to keeping athletes healthy and helping them reach their full potential. Trainers will guide you through a comprehensive assessment, including strength training, range of motion and more, from head to toe.

“This program is ideal for people looking to determine what exercises can give them a true advantage in their performance," says Bryan Meyer, general manager of the Sports Performance Program at the AdventHealth Training Center. "We've designed it for any athlete, regardless of sport or fitness level."

This data-driven program design eliminates the guesswork and specifies your needs as an individual, showing you where you have room for improvement. Using your personalized results, our team of expert sports performance coaches can guide on your journey toward improved skills.

Initial in-depth assessments last between 60-90 minutes and will test your range of motion, strength and speed. Further training is then available to improve your asymmetries and overall performance. Assessments and trainings are available on either an individual or team level, making this program a great solution for nearly anyone looking to improve their game. Groups of up to 20 can train simultaneously. To schedule your Sports Performance appointment, visit YourSportsPerformanceExperts.com.

Golf Performance and Rehabilitation Program

“The Golf Performance Program is the future of golf movement assessment and training,” according to Scott Shepard, AdventHealth Golf Performance and Rehabilitation Program Manager.

This revolutionary program is the first of its kind that focuses on targeting a golfer’s specific swing needs. And while general fitness improvement is important for an athlete’s overall health and wellness, traditional programs are unable to provide the specific stimulus needed to improve a golfer’s swing faults and optimally improve their performance. Shephard shares, “We can help you finally make changes to correct poor movement, decrease pain, and improve swing speed/distance with targeted golf fitness and injury rehabilitation.”

During an initial session, golfers will complete a comprehensive wing analysis. Tests will measure your body’s ability to move into key swing positions and compare your movement patterns to top professional players’ average range of movement, swing sequencing, and speed numbers. You’ll also learn about dysfunctional patterns that may be leading to injury or decreased swing performance.

After this analysis, you’ll be provided with a workout program with templates and videos to help you further visualize your follow-through process. Our trainers will meet with you for an additional follow-up session to ensure you’re training with proper form. Additional weekly follow-up sessions with our experts are also available.

In addition to world-class training, our golf expert therapists are also skilled to manage injuries and offer physical therapy to golfers to help them recover fully after injury or surgery. “This unique program will help you move better, play better and swing better for the life of your golf game,” says Shepard. To schedule your Golf Performance appointment, visit YourGolfPerformanceExperts.com.

Running Performance Program

Whether you’re a new runner, a seasoned marathoner or somewhere in between, AdventHealth Sports Med and Rehab’s Running Performance Program can help you reach your full running potential.

Each 1-hour initial assessment offers a full functional movement screening, including a running analysis, shoe-wear recommendations, personalized exercise programming and corrective strategies to enhance your performance as an athlete.

Each assessment is an entirely unique experience and "all exercises are personalized to each runner's needs," shares Douglas Allen, an orthopedic clinical specialist with the running performance program. "A comprehensive strength and flexibility assessment is performed for each runner."

After your assessment, you’ll receive evidence-based recommendations on where your routine may have room for improvement. In just one hour, you'll have a bounty of information from these tests to help you become a stronger, healthier runner.

"Runners benefit from having a running analysis in combination with a movement screen and a strength and flexibility assessment from a physical therapist, as we can put puzzle pieces together and identify areas that need to be addressed to enhance a runner's running economy," says Allen.

Upon completing your initial assessment, you'll be prepared to become a more efficient runner and know the steps to avoid exercise-related injuries. Afterward, if you're looking for ongoing support and guidance, our specialists offer 30-minute follow-up sessions and package bundle offers. These follow-up sessions provide athletes an opportunity for continued learning, plus a way to track their improvements, reassess their skills and ask follow-up questions to the therapy team.

"This is an investment into a runner's career, and the goal is to prolong and enhance every runner's journey," says Allen. To schedule your Running Performance appointment, visit YourRunningExperts.com.

Reach Your Full Potential

AdventHealth Sports Med and Rehab wants to help you perform at your best. Reach your goals safely and more efficiently with our expert guidance and advice.

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