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Whole-Person Care, Global Action

Through AdventHealth Global Missions programs, we give our employees opportunities to share their expertise, talents and compassion with health care organizations and educational institutions worldwide.

Focused on bringing whole-person care to places where it can have the greatest impact, we’re extending the healing ministry of Christ with care that heals the body, mind and spirit.

Programs Dedicated to People Around the World

Operation Sunshine
Operation Sunshine logo

Annual checkups open a child’s world to the lifetime of possibilities that come with good health. But those yearly well-checks are not a given for children in some countries. After seeing the struggles of Haitian orphanages to get essential health care services for children after the 2010 earthquake, we created Operation Sunshine.

Partnering with the Florida-based non-profit My Neighbor’s Children, Operation Sunshine sends AdventHealth volunteers on medical relief missions to Haiti to conduct annual pediatric checkups for kids living in orphanages and children’s homes. When children are sick, Operation Sunshine ensures they receive care at Haiti Adventist Hospital. There, they can access services like physician consultations, laboratory tests, medications and hospital stays, if needed.

Mission Warehouse

Through the Mission Warehouse managed by AdventHealth Global Missions, donated medical equipment, supplies and hospital furniture are sorted and packaged for shipment to our Footprints and other locations around the world. This donation program extends the useful life of equipment and helps improve health care services for the organizations receiving the materials.

Education Programs

Education is a powerful way we enhance whole-person care and the AdventHealth mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ.

Global Nursing Conference

Our annual global nursing conference brings together nurses from around the world. This three-day event is an opportunity to focus on nursing excellence, connect with colleagues and expand clinical knowledge. During the COVID-19 pandemic this conference has been conducted virtually.

Leadership Conferences

AdventHealth Global Missions organizes leadership conferences in different countries to support the development of health care leaders. These conferences bring together administrative, clinical and spiritual leaders to share, learn and grow.

Simulation Training

Working with our footprint locations and affiliated nursing schools, we strive to enhance simulation learning and training. Donations of mannequins and other simulation materials help strengthen these programs.

Disaster Relief Work

When disaster strikes close to home, we’re ready to help. Our initial reaction is to connect with organizations like the Adventist Development and Relief Agency ( and raise support for relief efforts. However, the AdventHealth Global Missions team is prepared to assist directly when disasters affect our Footprint locations or areas close to the United States. Through your philanthropy and in-kind donations we have provided direct support to areas affected by hurricanes and earthquakes.


CREATION Life is a faith-based wellness plan for those who want to live healthier and happier lives and share this unique, whole-person health philosophy. By consistently practicing the principles of CREATION Life, we fulfill God’s original plan for our lives, which is to live and be happy.

A Closer Look at Operation Sunshine

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  • Children Served

    More than 500 children and staff in orphanages and children’s homes are currently receiving health care services through Operation Sunshine.

  • Our Partners

    Ten orphanages participate in the Operation Sunshine program, including locations that serve children with special needs, ensuring those who need specialized services get the care they need.

  • Health Initiatives

    A little fish can have a big impact. Lucky Iron Fish is a cast iron cooking tool that adds 90% of a child’s recommended iron intake to food that is cooked in it, helping prevent anemia.