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The Philippines

Adventist Hospitals of the Philippines (AHOP) is comprised of the 10 Seventh-day Adventist hospitals operated by the three church unions in the Philippines. AdventHealth established a formal relationship with Adventist Medical Center Manila in 2015 after reciprocal visits of hospital leadership. Adventist Medical Center Bacolod and Adventist Hospital Palawan have also been involved with AdventHealth. In 2018, AHOP was formed to strengthen the network of Adventist hospitals in the Philippines across the country. With the establishment of AHOP, our relationship will expand to include all the Adventist hospitals in the Philippines, but we expect our initial relationships with Adventist Medical Center Manila, Adventist Medical Center Bacolod and Adventist Hospital Palawan will remain our primary areas of focus. Over the past 4 years, volunteers from AdventHealth have conducted annual primary care trips to Manila working with Adventist Medical Center Manila to provide free care to communities near the hospital. Additional volunteer teams have provided surgical care as part of the hospital’s anniversary celebration providing free surgeries to the community.

Shipments of donated anesthesia machines and other hospital furniture, equipment and supplies have helped improve the services offered at Adventist Medical Center Manila. Currently, a cardiac Cath lab project is in progress for Adventist Medical Center Bacolod which will be the first Cath lab on the island of Negros in the Philippines.

At AdventHealth our Global Missions team proudly extends the healing ministry of Christ around the world.

Global Missions empowers volunteers to serve the international community where it is needed most. With compassionate care and mutual respect, we hope to permanently enhance the quality of life for those in need. Our volunteers get directly involved and actively engaged in the following activities:

  • Provide medical and surgical care to patients
  • Promote health education to communities
  • Conduct training programs for clinical staff
  • Deliver donated equipment and supplies
  • Raise funds for approved projects
  • Share process-improvement expertise
  • Support strategic-planning objectives

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