Physician checking patient's health.


American missionaries were instrumental in starting all three existing Adventist hospitals in Peru: Clinica Americana in 1922, Clinica Adventista Ana Stahl in 1926 and Clinica Good Hope in 1947.

While AdventHealth has projects in partnership with all three hospitals, most activities focus on Clinica Americana and Clinica Adventista Ana Stahl. AdventHealth, then Florida Hospital, began working with Clinica Americana in Juliaca and Clinica Good Hope in Lima in the early 2000s. Projects completed since then include the construction of new ORs and pre- and post-op facilities in Juliaca. In addition, funding for a dental clinic was raised for Clinica Americana. A grant from AmeriCares allowed for the acquisition of endoscopy and colonoscopy equipment doubling the capacity of Clinica Americana. A new tower at Clinica Good Hope in Lima was constructed, based upon original drawings for the Ginsburg Tower in Orlando. Several containers of medical equipment and furniture have been shipped to support the expansion of these hospitals.

AdventHealth Rocky Mountain Region, began a partnership with Clinica Adventista Ana Stahl in 2006. Facility improvement projects have included the shipment of multiple containers of medical equipment, hospital beds and gurneys. The surgical suites have been upgraded, including a new sterilization and PACU area. New GI equipment has also been donated to create the best surgical and imaging facilities in the region. Two clinical education projects have made a significant impact on the surrounding communities in the Amazon basin: Helping Babies Survive has trained over 1,500 birth attendants and saved over 700 babies, and Salud Total has established a wholistic approach to preventive health, which has seen significant reductions in the occurrence of anemia and parasites in children.

At AdventHealth, our Global Missions team proudly extends the healing ministry of Christ around the world.

Global Missions empowers volunteers to serve the international community where it is needed most. With compassionate care and mutual respect, we hope to permanently enhance the quality of life for those in need. Our volunteers get directly involved and actively engaged in the following activities:

  • Provide medical and surgical care to patients
  • Promote health education to communities
  • Conduct training programs for clinical staff
  • Deliver donated equipment and supplies
  • Raise funds for approved projects
  • Share process-improvement expertise
  • Support strategic-planning objectives

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