Group Prayer with Honduras

See the World, Serve the World

AdventHealth mission trips are bridge-building and potentially life-changing. For our volunteer mission teams, these trips offer opportunities to grow culturally and spiritually. And for the communities we serve, they bring advanced, expert care delivered by compassionate people who are dedicated to lifting the world in body, mind and spirit.

Our vision for AdventHealth Global Missions is to create a community and culture where every AdventHealth employee and physician has the chance to extend the healing ministry of Christ beyond their day-to-day duties. Our goal is to be a mission-driven health care community where caregivers are inspired to share their time and talents with people who need them, anywhere in the world.

Show Your Love, Share Your Talents

You got into medicine to keep people healthy and to heal those who aren’t. And now you have experience that’s uniquely yours. Share what you’ve learned with those who need care. We have developed meaningful relationships with our footprint locations around the world. Not only are we ready to support their needs if the unexpected happens, but we’re also working diligently to foster relationships with additional footprints in order to touch more lives.

No matter your passion, title or uniform, we would love to work with you to learn your interests and goals, so we can you can help you find the right volunteer opportunity.

Volunteer for Mission Trips

Our medical mission trips provide extraordinary opportunities to aid underserved communities throughout the world. Through this grassroots initiative, we make direct contact with people suffering from inadequate daily care and also people whose lives have been upended by natural disasters. We educate, provide medical supplies and heal every aspect of our extended patient base. Not only will you showcase your exceptional abilities garnered from working with AdventHealth, you’ll experience different cultures, explore unfamiliar regions and gain new knowledge to apply to your work once you return home.

Volunteer as a Medical Professional

Our primary care and surgical mission trips would not be possible without your clinical expertise. By volunteering your time, you can help our brothers and sisters receive care that is otherwise too costly or inaccessible. As an AdventHealth medical professional, your expertise and dedication to exceptional patient care make you an esteemed and valuable asset to our volunteer program. Sharing your knowledge and helping people experience the care they deserve is at the heart of what we do.

Other Volunteer Roles

We value and rely on volunteers from all walks of life, not just our clinicians. You have skills that can help us provide exceptional care to communities overseas. Whether it’s taking patient vital signs, registering patients, helping with clinic flow, or entertaining waiting children, you can help us care for the patients we serve.