A woman collecting food from the Manchester food pantry.


Manchester is located in Clay County, Kentucky which is one of the poorest regions in the U.S.

The hospital serves health care needs through its emergency department, obstetrics, surgery, and acute inpatient services. It also operates physician practices, including a primary care clinic designated by Medicare as a rural health clinic. This designation provides rates that support the financial sustainability of AdventHealth’s healthcare operations in Eastern Kentucky. Significant capital investments in clinical services (e.g. new Operating Rooms) are being provided by AdventHealth in order to increase the ability of the hospital and outpatient services to provide better and broader services.

AdventHealth has sold or closed three hospitals in Tennessee during the past two decades. The Kentucky/Tennessee Conference and Southern Union Conference of the SDA church are keenly interested in sustaining a strong Adventist presence in this region. There is a shared sentiment between church leaders and AdventHealth executives that we want to strengthen and grow the Adventist mission of healthcare in this market.

Leadership at AdventHealth Manchester is actively involved in coordinating, supplying, and volunteer staffing a number of community projects. Originally called “Managers on a Mission” these efforts have been self-funded with the donations and time of local staff and leaders. In the past few years, AdventHealth executives have participated through the Presidents Council donations toward several projects, and some volunteer teams from other parts of the country have come to Manchester to work on projects (e.g. Water Kiosks).