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Medication Management Centered on You 

At AdventHealth Primary Care+, we build our health team around you. Offering medication management services is just one of the ways we empower you to actively manage your health. Our flexible scheduling — including next- and same-day appointments and extended hours on evenings and weekends — allows you to fit preventive care into your schedule easily.

Our Medication Management Services

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  • Medication Prescribing

    We prescribe medications based on a thorough assessment of your health history, current diagnoses and potential drug interactions. We encourage your active participation in decision-making surrounding your medications.

  • Patient Education

    Open communication is key to understanding your medications and why they’ve been prescribed. We’ll provide clear, understandable medication information, including purpose, dosage, potential side effects and any necessary precautions.

  • Monitoring and Follow-Up

    We’re focused on medication management that’s safe and smart at every step. We’ll schedule follow-up appointments to assess how your medicine is working for you and discuss any changes to your medication routine.

Benefits of Primary Care With AdventHealth Primary Care+

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  • Flexible Scheduling

    Many of our AdventHealth Primary Care+ locations offer weekend and extended evening hours to help you and your family get the care you need when you need it. With our same- and next-day options, scheduling an appointment is simple.

  • Onsite Labs

    With AdventHealth Primary Care+, there’s no need to drive to an additional location to get the lab tests you need. Onsite lab testing helps us provide better care through immediate testing, diagnosis and treatment.

  • Optimized Treatment Efficacy

    We’ll build a medication plan based on your diagnosis and tailor the treatment program to address your specific health conditions, maximizing the therapeutic benefits. We can also discuss how your medication is working in follow-up appointments, ensuring we can further optimize your care if needed.

  • Cost-Effective Health Care

    Our approach to medication management promotes cost-effective health care by minimizing the possible need for additional treatments or interventions resulting from poorly managed medications.

  • Improved Chronic Disease Management

    If you have a chronic condition, proper medication management supports your overall health. Taking the right medicine as prescribed can prevent disease progression and minimize complications associated with long-term health issues.

Find Medication Management Services Close to Home

When you need medication management made simple, look no further than AdventHealth Primary Care+. With more than 20 convenient locations, we make it easy to get whole-person care for you and your family with experienced providers and evening and weekend hours in your neighborhood.