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Is Obesity a Disease That Can Be Treated?

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Have you ever wondered if obesity is a disease? As it turns out, there is so much beyond our control when it comes to genetics and why some patients are predisposed to certain illnesses. But when we focus on what we can control, that’s when miracles start to happen in healing, along with help from modern medicine and hard work.

We sat down with one of our expert bariatric surgeons, Gustavo Bello, MD, FACS, who explains what makes obesity a chronic disease that needs effective treatments, a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and a dedicated, world-class team at your side. Read on to learn more about obesity, our Bariatrics program and how we can help you beat obesity with valuable information from Dr. Bello in our question/answer session:

Is obesity considered a chronic disease?

Dr. Bello: It is most definitely a chronic disease. It has a gradual onset and lasts a very long time if not lifelong. , it affects daily living and usually demands medical attention. It is a disease that is very difficult to cure but it can be kept under control.

What are the dangers of not treating obesity?

Dr. Bello: Like any other disease, if not treated efficiently it can progress to more advanced stages where many other organs can be affected, and your health become seriously compromised. For example, obesity can lead to higher risk of most cancers, heart disease, diabetes and many other comorbidities.

How is bariatric surgery an effective treatment for obesity?

Dr. Bello: Obesity is a very complex disease with limited treatment options; surgery is by far the option that gives patients a real shot at keeping it under control. It addresses many of the factors that contribute to the problem such as fullness, metabolism and portion control, among others.

How can patients who undergo the operation ensure their weight loss surgery is effective in the long term?

Dr. Bello: First and most important is to belong to a comprehensive weight loss surgery program that can provide all the tools and resources needed to achieve sustainable weight loss. Following the guidelines and advice of a competent team gives you a good chance of having long-term success. Commitment to your new healthy lifestyle and self-discipline are key in this process as well.

What is unique about AdventHealth’s bariatric program?

Dr. Bello: At AdventHealth, we aren’t just surgeons; we are a robust and experienced team that works together relentlessly to help every patient through their unique journeys to regain control of their life by beating obesity. Here, we leverage the extensive resources of a world-class health system to better take care of each and every one of our patients.

Take Charge of Your Weight Loss Journey

We thank Dr. Bello for his expertise and dedication to his patients. When you’re ready, Dr. Bello and the rest of our team are here to help you with your weight loss goals.

To get a better idea of bariatric surgery qualifications, visit our new guidelines for who qualifies for bariatric surgery or visit us here to learn more about our personalized bariatric and weight-care options at AdventHealth Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery. You deserve to feel whole in body, mind and spirit.

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