Pharmacy Residency Preceptor Will Bolton

Will Bolton, PharmD, BCPS

Practice: Clinical Manager, Neurosciences and General Surgery Teams
Academic Affairs Team Role: Chair, Academic Integrity Committee
Rotations Precepted: Neurosciences, Clinical Leadership
Pharmacy School: University of Florida, Orlando HSC
PGY-1 Residency: University Medical Center Brackenridge

Pharmacy Residency Preceptor Jason Vilar

Jason Vilar, PharmD, BCCCP

Practice: Clinical Specialist, Neurosciences Intensive Care
Academic Affairs Team Role: Coordinator, PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency
Rotations Precepted: Neurosciences Intensive Care
Pharmacy School: University of Colorado
PGY-1 Residency: Henry Ford Hospital
PGY-2 Residency: Critical Care, Wesley Medical Center

Pharmacy Residency Preceptor Evellyn Ancheschi

Evellyn Ancheschi, PharmD

Practice: Clinical Pharmacist, Neuropsychiatry and Epileptology
Rotations Precepted: Neurology
Pharmacy School: University of Arizona
PGY-1 Residency: VAMC, Orlando Florida

Pharmacy Residency Preceptor Ahmed Ghonim

Ahmed Ghonim, PharmD, BCPS

Practice: Clinical Pharmacist, Neurosurgery
Academic Affairs Team Role: Student Advisory Group Neurosciences Representative
Rotations Precepted: Neurosurgery
Pharmacy School: University of Florida, Gainesville
PGY-1 Residency: VAMC, Lake City Florida

Pharmacy Residency Preceptor Caroline Bordenkircher

Caroline Bordenkircher, PharmD

Practice: Clinical Staff Pharmacist, Neurosciences
Rotations Precepted: Neurosciences
Pharmacy School: Nova Southeastern University