Headshot of Justin Collins, PharmD

Justin Collins, PharmD

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Pharmacy School: University of Florida 

Dr. Collins chose AdventHealth Celebration because he was able to do a block rotation at AdventHealth Celebration and had a great affinity for the ambulatory care clinic. He enjoyed the impact he was able to make even as a student and wanted to do more as a resident and he got along well with the rest of the members of the team. This year he is looking forward to getting to practice everything he learned in school and learn how to be a better pharmacist. He can't wait to get to know his fellow residents and pharmacy team better. He is also looking forward to Midyear and the next recruitment cycle to get to know the next potential residents. When he's not at the hospital, Dr. Collins enjoys reading books, playing with his dog, and watching the latest Marvel movies and show. Being new to the Orlando area, this year he is hoping to see Universal Studios, so hopefully he can cross that off his Orlando bucket list. Upon completion of residency, Dr. Collins would like to complete a PGY-2 in ambulatory care. From there he would like to become a clinical pharmacist and a preceptor for several years to hone his clinical skills. Down the road he would like to go into Academia since he has a great interest in teaching some day.

Headshot of Jovin Lezeau, PharmD

Jovin C. Lezeau, PharmD

Hometown: Port Saint Lucie, FL 
Pharmacy School: University of Florida

Dr. Lezeau chose AdventHealth because as a student, he experienced first hand how incredible the pharmacist were at AdventHealth Celebration. He gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience from them and viewed a residency with them as an opportunity to continue maximizing his potential! This year he is most excited for the various rotations and concentrated experiences he’ll have for this upcoming year. He's looking forward to the self-growth and discipline required to successfully complete a residency. When he's not at the hospital, some of Dr. Lezeau's favorite things to do are watching movies, eating out and traveling. First off, who doesn’t love kicking back after work with a big tub of popcorn and a great movie to end the day? Watching movies is one of the ways he chooses to relax and unwind. He also has a deep appreciation for other cultures and shows that appreciation by trying different restaurants, food trucks, and cultural dishes. Experiencing those unique and savory dishes from different cultures is his best way of “traveling”. He tries to travel as much as he can when he has the free time. His favorite place so far has been Costa Rica because of the food, ziplining, and other adventurous outdoor activities. Upon completion of residency, Dr. Lezeau would like to complete a PGY-2 in ambulatory care with a sub-focus in mental health or complete a PGY-2 in pharmacogenomics.

Headshot of Madison Dubil, PharmD

Madison Dubil, PharmD

Hometown: Sarasota, FL 
Pharmacy School: University of Florida

Dr. Dubil chose AdventHealth Celebration because of the well-established ambulatory care PGY-1 program, variety in disease state exposure, opportunity to gain inpatient experience. This year he is looking forward to making friends, networking, and learning. When he's not at the hospital, Dr. Dubil enjoys exercising, playing and watching football, cooking. Being new to the Orlando area, this year he is hoping to see Disney, Universal Studios, a farmers market, and ESPN Wide World of Sports. Upon completion of residency, Dr. Dubil would like to pursue a PGY-2 Ambulatory Care or full-time ambulatory care pharmacist position, become BCACP and BCMTMS certified, and become an active preceptor.