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Having a baby is a very exciting time. So exciting sometimes that your original plan for how you wanted it to go can get lost throughout your labor and delivery experience. But your unique preferences and needs are important to us, which is why our Birth Experience Team prioritizes working with you to plan ahead and customize your delivery day with us. At our four Baby Place locations, our team works to create a plan that matches your preferences and desires. You’ll find greater peace of mind to enjoy your experience in body, mind and spirit.

Birth experience coordinator, Heather Collins, RN, explains more about your choices and how to prepare for your baby’s birth with us.

Your Customized Birth Experience

“The thing that makes having your baby at AdventHealth so special is that we believe that you should be able to do it in the way that makes it easiest and most comfortable for you,” explains Collins. “We want to empower you to make the important decisions that will make your birth experience exactly the way you want it to be. We do this because we find it’s the best approach for the best outcomes. If you’re relaxed and comfortable with the choices you’ve made for the process beforehand, you’ll be able to relax properly when it’s time to give birth and that’s super important to the labor process.”

The First Step: Education

“I think the first step when developing a birth plan is to get educated,” says Collins. “You really have to know what all your options are before you can start choosing from them. I recommend that all expectant mothers take the Gift of Motherhood class which is a comprehensive childbirth class that covers everything from the third trimester through to newborn care. In this class you’ll learn about the different comfort measures for labor and delivery.

There are many other classes also available, follow this link to see a full list of classes that we offer.

Make Your Plan

“After you’ve educated yourself on the different labor options available to you, and you’ve communicated your wishes with your partner or birth support team, it’s time to make a plan. We offer a perfect tool for this called Birth Wishes that allows you put down in writing what your preferences are for your birth experience so you can pass them on to your medical provider and the birth team.”

Birth Wishes is way for you to communicate your preferences with our birth experience team so even if you lose track of them during the excitement of labor, we can help implement them. For example, you can choose if you’d like to have music playing and what songs, who you’d like to have in the room with you, if you’d like hydrotherapy, breathing techniques, or an epidural. By planning ahead and sharing your birth wishes with your birth team you can ensure that when the time comes everything should be the way you want it.

Your Labor Options

“We offer many different labor options when you’re giving birth, as well as concierge services,” explains Collins.

Here are some of the labor options available to you at AdventHealth for Women:

  • Hydrotherapy — spa-like showers or a laboring tub
  • Birthing ball
  • Peanut ball
  • A mirror to watch the birth
  • Wireless fetal monitoring
  • Walking
  • Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Music
  • Wearing your own clothes
  • Hot or cold packs
  • Choice of delivery position
  • Choice of breathing method
  • Epidural anesthesia
  • IV pain medicines

“Our concierge services provide an excellent range of things to make you feel as comfortable as possible at an additional charge. Some of the more popular services our concierge team offers are upgraded linens and pillows, fluffy robes, a fridge stocked with your favorite snacks and drinks, gourmet meals, a sparkling cider toast with etched champagne flutes, and professional baby photographers.

Even without the upgrades you're going to get whole person care from every member of your birth team. From the doctor to the environmental service person, everyone is dedicated to the comfort and whole health of you and your baby.”

Start Making Your Plan Today

It’s important to remember that everyone’s birth story is unique and that your wishes cannot always be fulfilled due to the countless variables at work during your labor. Your provider is the best person to review your wishes with you and prepare for these possibilities. To learn more about what options are available during your birth experience or to speak with a member of our Birth Experience Team, please visit our site or call Call407-303-7341.

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