LIV Keynote Speakers

Meet our 2021 Keynote Presenters for this year's virtual conference on Friday, Oct. 1.

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  • Nicola Finley, MD

    A Good Night's Rest - A Conversation on Women, Health Equity and Sleep
    Nicola Finley, MD
    Sponsored by Health Forward Foundation

    A rested body, mind and spirit are the foundation to living out your purpose. Yet, a good night’s sleep can be so hard to come by. Take back your night with Dr. Finley’s powerful insight to health, sleep and the lesser-known disparities that are impacting women across our community.


    Nicola Finley, MD, is a primary care physician for underserved communities in Tucson, Arizona. She practiced integrative medicine at Canyon Ranch, a luxury resort, with an emphasis on prevention, wellness and women’s health. She is a board-certified internal medicine physician and an adjunct faculty member at the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health at the University of Arizona. Dr. Finley is an alumni of Brown University, the George Washington University School of Medicine and the integrative medicine fellowship program at the University of Arizona.

  • Debbie Childers LIV 2021

    Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh
    Debra Childers
    Sponsored by JE Dunn Construction

    Laughter is the best medicine and living with purpose is impossible without finding the funny in even the worst situations. Experience how humor can lift your spirit, ease your burden and change your perspective. Sometimes you just gotta laugh!


    Debbie Childers is a speaker, humorist and author. She finds great humor in the fact that all through her school years she got in trouble for talking and now she gets invited to do it! She was the winner of the Jeanne Robertson National Comedy Contest for 2018 and now she travels the country sharing the funny life stories that only she can tell.

  • Nataly Kogan

    Embracing Your Awesome Human
    Nataly Kogan
    Sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

    There is an Awesome Human inside every single one of us, with great capacity to do good and meaningful things in the world. But to embrace our Awesome Human, we need to strengthen our emotional fitness skills and break through mental blocks that hold us back. In this powerful, inspiring and practical talk, Nataly will help you realize your Awesome Human potential in every area of your life —with less stress and greater energy, joy and sense of meaning!


    Nataly Kogan is one of the leading global experts in optimizing your emotional fitness and elevating your leadership. She’s the creator of the Happier Method™, founder and CEO of Happier and Happier @ Work™, and author of HAPPIER NOW and GRATITUDE DAILY. Nataly is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker and has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Dr. Oz Show.