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Focused on You and Your Recovery

Here, our board-certified and experienced surgeons ensure your care and comfort come first. Through education, preparation and concierge service from our highly trained staff, any visit to our facility is designed to put your mind at ease. From same-day and inpatient services to long-term stays, we’ll guide you every step of the way as you get ready for, experience and recover from surgery.

Making Surgery Day Easier

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Getting to Know Each Other

Our relationship with you begins the moment you step through our doors. If you’re joining us for an inpatient service, we’ll introduce ourselves during a pre-operative evaluation that, in most cases, will happen the morning of your procedure.

During this conversation, a doctor or a member of our nursing team will receive your medical history, conduct a physical exam, discuss the long-term effects of your treatment and obtain your informed consent. They’ll also take the time to answer your questions.

Calming your nerves by providing you with the information you need can help ensure a pleasant experience, reduce the lingering effects of your procedure and reduce the amount of time you’ll need to stay with us.

To get started, you or your doctor will schedule your evaluation in advance. Call us at Call706-802-3570 to make an appointment.

Prepare for Surgery Day

The Day Of

Arrive on an empty stomach: Because of the nature of surgical procedures, your health is best protected when you don’t eat or drink after midnight on the day before your visit.

Dress comfortably: Clothes that are easy to put on and take off are the best choice on surgery day. You’ll also want to leave anything extra at home, such as jewelry, dental equipment and prescription eyewear.

Mind your medicine: Bring all of the medications you’re taking at home with you to your appointment. And, unless your doctor has told you otherwise, please don’t take them on the morning of your procedure.

The Day After

Be gentle on your digestion: When you feel like eating, eat lightly. Start with liquids like Jell-O, juice and soup. Toast can also be a good choice. Spicy or greasy foods and alcohol may make you feel worse.

Remember your doctor’s instructions: Your medicine will help you heal, so try to take it as directed. Call your doctor or emergency services if you start to feel feverish or breathless or notice redness or swelling around your incision.

Rest and rejuvenate: Your body needs time to heal after a procedure. Take the next 24 hours to focus on yourself. Sleep, relax and do what makes you happy. Work and activities can wait until another day.

Steps Toward a Quick Recovery

A speedy recovery means a faster return to your normal life. Because we want you to get back to doing the things you love as soon as possible, we offer the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) pathway for some surgical services.

Points along the ERAS pathway include:

  • Healing with confidence: Avoid complications and delays, so you can focus on returning to health and getting back to living your life.
  • Personalized post-procedure pain management: Receive a medication regimen customized for you.
  • Shortened hospital day: Get back to your daily life with little need for inpatient care.