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A Hand Renewed: A Patient’s Inspiring Rehabilitation Journey

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Carolyn Perry and Tracey Aldridge

On October 14, 2022, the only emotion running through Tracey Aldridge’s mind was fear. Aldridge thought that Friday was going to be a regular workday, but instead it was complete chaos. Early into his shift, a pipe crushed Aldridge’s left hand and sliced through his wrist, damaging multiple tendons, nerves and bones. He was immediately rushed to Grady Hospital where the care team spent more than seven hours reattaching his hand in hopes of saving it from being amputated.

Following the successful surgery, Aldridge was referred to AdventHealth Redmond Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation clinic for occupational therapy. The primary focus for his occupational therapist, Carolyn Perry, OTR/L, and the staff was for Aldridge to hold a water bottle using his left hand. This ordinary task was an immense challenge, and for this 26-year-old, he was determined to regain more than just his motor skills.

The extensive rehabilitation and expertise offered at AdventHealth Redmond Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation is why Aldridge is now able to utilize his left hand for most functional activities. The clinic offers an abundance of advanced rehab specialties: physical therapy, occupational therapy, oncology rehab, Parkinson’s rehab, pelvic floor and speech therapy.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without occupational therapy treatment from AdventHealth Redmond,” said Aldridge. “When all of this started, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to use my hand again. My hand didn’t feel like my hand anymore, but now, I can do just about anything.”

At AdventHealth Redmond Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, occupational therapists develop and create treatment plans for patients to get them back up and moving like their usual self.

“He is the epitome of what occupational therapy means,” said Perry. “Aldridge has worked diligently to continue to live his life as independently as possible despite his injury, and he is another example of why I am so passionate about my job.”

A year and half ago, Aldridge worried he may live the rest of his life without his left hand. Today, he is thriving with an intact left hand that is on its way to once again being fully functional.

Reflecting on his transformation, Aldridge says, “I can work out. I’m back to working at a similar level as before the injury, and I can work on my mechanical work in my shop which is something that I feared I would never get to do again. It means more than words really; there aren’t enough words to say what it means.”

Like many of the services AdventHealth Redmond offers, occupational therapy can be life changing in various forms. Through the support of caring occupational therapists and the staff at AdventHealth Redmond Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation clinic, Aldridge and other patients fight against the odds to regain their quality of life.

“I’m so proud of Tracey’s progress, and I am deeply honored to be his therapist. It is the blessing of a lifetime to be an occupational therapist and have the opportunity to extend the healing ministry of Christ on a daily basis.”

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