RMH Gets a New Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner

A white computed tomography.
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As health care technology continues to advance, Ransom Memorial Health (RMH) is staying with the changes and making upgrades of their own. Thanks in part to the Ransom Memorial Hospital Charitable Association (RMHCA) and The Franklin County Community Foundation, the Imaging staff at RMH are excited to announce the implementation of a new Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner.

A CT scanner ranks as one of the top five medical developments of the last 40 years. The device was designed to provide physicians with more detailed information than that of a conventional X-Ray, thus enabling more accurate diagnoses. During a CT scan, an X-Ray tube rotates around the patient so that multiple images are collected from many angles. The computer processor creates images known as “slices” of the bones, blood vessels and soft tissue inside the body. CT images allow radiologists and other physicians to identify internal structures and see their shape, size, density and texture. Modern CT scanners can acquire this information in a matter of seconds.

Over the last few years, the CT scanner has become the most important piece of diagnostic equipment at RMH, averaging over 700 scans per month. It has also been called the “lifeblood” of the Emergency Department – as a designated Trauma center, RMH’s use of the CT scanner has boomed in the last two years. With a device that was over 12 years old, a new CT scanner was essential for the thriving RMH Emergency Department.

As of October 2018, the new CT scanner is up and running. The new scanner comes equipped with low-dose technology, meaning it can obtain the same images with a lower dose of radiation for the patient. The CT room itself has also been updated to provide a better experience for patients. This project cost approximately $800,000.

Thank you so much to the Franklin County Community Foundation for their donation of $10,000 through the RMHCA to help in funding the new CT scanner. The mission of the RMHCA is to support RMH in providing Remarkable Care. All money donated to the RMHCA will be spent on medical equipment and renovation needs right here at RMH.

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