5 Reasons it’s Great to be an Orlando Magic Fan in 2019

Basketball Fans
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If you didn’t already have enough reasons to be a Magic fan, we’re about to add five more to your list. It turns out, cheering for your favorite sports team is good for your whole health.

In fact, there are research studies that point to the benefits of Magic fandom. Here are the biggest benefits you might see if you watch a game and root for your home team in 2019.

Prevent Depression

Sure, if your team loses you might feel a bit down, but the benefits are worth it in the long run. People who are part of a group and are involved with their team are more engaged in the world, and experience less depression than those who aren’t.

By increasing your connection to the world around you, you’re less likely to feel alienated and experience symptoms of depression.

Build Strong Relationships

Couples who cheer together, stay together. There are a few reasons sports can bring you closer to your significant other. Not only is it quality time that you carve out to spend together when you’re watching the game, but it’s also a chance to share in feel-good hormones like endorphins when your team does well.

Live Longer

There are lots of things that can help you live a longer life, and having regular social interaction and support are among the most important.

If you have a group of people who you regularly see when you cheer on the Magic, you’ll likely develop close friendships and have that circle of people to lean on when you need them.

Having a strong social circle can also give you additional perks, like boosting your immune system and increasing your cancer survival rate. Talk about a win/win scenario.

Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle

If you can stay away from unhealthy game day snacks, then you might drop a few pounds just by being a Magic fan.

Watching a well-played game may inspire you to get active, and seeing your favorite athletes do well will keep movement top of mind for you.

What’s more, there is research that suggests if you work out in your favorite team’s gear, you might lose even more weight. Feeling like part of the team might just make you work like you’re on the team too.

Improved Self-Esteem

Cheering for a winning team, like the Orlando Magic, can make you feel better about yourselves.

Taking pride in your community and having a sense of belonging in those accomplishments can help you connect those successes to our own. This can boost your self-image, which can lead to a happier and more fulfilled life in body, mind and spirit.

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