5 Nutritionist Approved Food Shopping Strategies

A senior couples shopping for produce with a basket.
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Want to spend less time shopping for healthier foods? Try these nutritionist-recommended strategies from Sherri Flynt, registered/licensed dietitian at AdventHealth:

  • Shop the outer aisles first. The perimeters of many grocery stores often contain the healthiest foods produce, dairy products, fresh meat and fish. Make these items the foundation of your meals.
  • Choose protein sources such as skinless chicken, fish, meats or tofu. Choose reduced-fat beef items (90/10 hamburger, for example) or choice or select cuts. Some lean options include top sirloin, top or bottom round and eye of round.
  • Choose low-fat (1%) or nonfat dairy products. Pick strong cheeses such as parmesan or sharp cheddar so that you can use less without sacrificing flavor. (Watch the sodium content in cheese.) Get fruit yogurts with the lowest carbohydrate content to limit added sugars.
  • Choose brightly colored fruits and vegetables; they often contain higher amounts of nutritious phytochemicals. Go for dark green or purple leafy produce. Tip: Produce in season is your best choice.
  • Shop the inner aisles last. Choose canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, beans, and whole grain cereals and baked products, which are high-fiber and low-sugar. Skip the aisles containing candy, cookies, soda and snacks. Before you check out, look at your cart: You may want to return items with low nutritional value.

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