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Article Type: News

AdventHealth Murray Receives Donated Supplies From Local High Schools and Nonprofit Group

AdventHealth Murray recently received donated medical supplies from the health care science programs at Murray County High School and North Murray High School and Footprints on the Heart, a nonprofit group based in Kingston, Georgia. Supplies donated include gloves, isolation gowns, exam gowns, masks, sheets, sanitizing wipes and other cleaning supplies.

“We’d like to thank Murray County High School, North Murray High School and Footprints on the Heart for their generosity,” said Brendan Nieto. “As a community, we are truly in this together.”

Deb Richardson, AdventHealth Murray nurse, and Brittany Ross, health care science teacher at Murray County High School.

Kathy Kinsey, AdventHealth Murray nurse, and Brittney McConkey, health care science teacher at North Murray High School.

Representatives of Footprints on the Heart.