Faster Recovery and Less Pain With Advanced Surgery Options at AdventHealth Kissimmee

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In Spring 2020, AdventHealth Kissimmee, located at 201 Hilda St. Suite 26, began using a new advanced surgery technique called robotic, or robot-assisted, minimally invasive surgery.

Using the da Vinci® Xi robotic-assisted surgery tools, surgeons can direct small instruments that they guide with a console to perform the surgery with smaller incisions, and therefore less pain and a quicker recovery for the patient.

This astounding technological advance is transforming the ways we are able to treat illness, with more minimally invasive surgical options now than ever before, which means you experience less overall downtime.

General Surgery at AdventHealth Kissimmee

Juan Omana, MD, is a board-certified general surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive techniques at AdventHealth Kissimmee. Dr. Omana went through extensive training on the da Vinci system tools, and now he most often uses robotic surgery to treat different types of hernias.

In addition to treating various types of hernias, Dr. Omana performs cholecystectomy procedures to remove a patient’s gallbladder, as well as intestinal resections to remove large or small parts of the intestine — all using robotic-assisted surgery.

Other conditions that we treat with robot-assisted surgery include:
• Bladder cancer
• Gynecologic conditions
• Heartburn and GERD
• Kidney disease
• Lung cancer
• Obesity and weight loss
• Prostate cancer
• Thoracic outlet syndrome
• Thyroid diseases

Understanding Robotic Surgery

Many complex general surgery conditions can be treated with robotic-assisted surgery.

The da Vinci surgical robot combines remotely operated robotic arms equipped with tiny surgical instruments and 3D real-time imaging. Working through very small incisions, a surgeon is in control from start to finish, guiding the delicate mechanical hands of the robot throughout the entire procedure.

The da Vinci system has been revolutionary in giving surgeons the ability to treat many conditions — of the stomach, liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder, heart and more — in a less-invasive way.

At AdventHealth Kissimmee, we can perform operations similar to traditional open surgeries, but through a minimally invasive technique — which typically means less pain, less scarring and a faster recovery for you.

There are different methods of treatment for all patients and circumstances, but Dr. Omana has found that “the robotic surgery option allows patients to heal with much less pain and experience an overall quicker recovery for most types of procedures.”

Benefits of Robotic Surgery

“The difference in recovery compared to traditional surgery methods is so significant that I have patients coming in now who have heard positive reviews from their friends or neighbors, and now they’re interested in robotic surgery methods,” Dr. Omana shared. “I know my patients are recovering better, and they’re in so much less pain,” he said.

Overall, patients who undergo robotic surgery benefit through:

• Faster recovery
• Less blood loss and fewer blood transfusions
• Less pain and reduced use of pain medication
• Lower risk of infections and complications
• Quicker return to normal daily routines
• Reduced scarring
• Shorter hospital stay

Learn More About Robotic Surgery

At AdventHealth Kissimmee, we’re committed to offering our patients a wide array of surgical procedures in a compassionate, patient-centered atmosphere. Click here to request an appointment to discuss the best treatment or surgery option for you.

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