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Your Body

Has a Story to Tell

Your body speaks and we listen. Each drop of blood, each microscopic cell or sample of tissue has its own story. That makes laboratory tests an invaluable tool in helping doctors diagnose and manage a wide range of health-related issues. 

From drug tests, routine lab tests and blood work to advanced pathology, you can count on AdventHealth Heart of Florida, formerly Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center. Our clinical laboratory services team will interpret what your body needs, so your doctors can design a treatment plan to help heal your body and help you feel whole again.

Your Path to

Fast and Accurate Results

Waiting for test results when you a have a health concern is hard. That’s why our skilled and professional laboratory team of pathologists and technicians provide onsite lab services, and stay focused on helping you get answers as quickly as possible.

We’ll send your specimen to our onsite lab as soon as your lab test is complete and will notify you of your results as soon as they’re available. 

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Routine and Diagnostic Lab Services

Our dedicated AdventHealth Heart of Florida laboratory care team holds themselves to a high standard of quality. Our labs provide blood bank services and a wide range of testing, including:

  • Blood tests, clinical chemistry and serology, to study blood chemistry or any other bodily fluid to help diagnose and plan treatment for many health conditions
  • Coagulation testing, to study how blood is clotting
  • Hematology and Immunohematology, to analyze blood and bone marrow
  • Immunology and immunochemistry, to study immune system function
  • Microbiology and virology, to identify parasites, yeasts, molds, bacteria and viruses
  • Urinalysis, to help detect a variety of conditions
Advanced Pathology Services

If your physicians suspect you have a complex disorder, advanced pathology analysis may be recommended, including:

  • Cytology and cytopathology, to study cell abnormalities to help diagnose cancer
  • Cytogenetics, to study blood or bone marrow cells to identify chromosomal changes
  • Histology, to study tissue samples for evidence of disease
  • Molecular diagnostics, to analyze DNA/RNA (biological markers) to diagnose, monitor and plan treatment for certain health conditions 
  • Surgical pathology, to examine tissue removed during surgery or biopsy to aid in the diagnosis of disease
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Expert Lab Services

Providing You Results You Can Rely On

If you’re asking yourself where to do blood tests or other health-related diagnostic tests and screenings, you can count on AdventHealth Heart of Florida’s laboratory services team to deliver fast and accurate results. We have the key to uncover the true health of your body and will work together with your doctor to make sure you’ll have the best possible care. 

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