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Finding a Solution for Excess Skin After Weight Loss

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If you’ve experienced weight loss, you likely know it is just the beginning of your healing journey. Although weight loss can benefit your overall health, there are lots of changes to adjust to as you heal — from new diet and lifestyle habits to a brand-new body. One change that you may not have imagined is excess or loose skin.

Excess skin is common after weight loss. When the body sheds large amounts of weight, the skin is often not elastic enough to adjust to your smaller size. The result? Hanging folds of skin usually found around the abdomen, arms, legs, back and thighs.

One of our world-class plastic surgeons, Omar Beidas, MD, explains that there is more to excess skin than how it looks: “Living with excess skin is not just a cosmetic issue. It can cause rashes, chafing and skin infections. It can keep you from moving freely and exercising. And it can take a toll on self-esteem and quality of life.” Skin removal surgery may offer a solution to help you feel whole again.

Understanding Skin Removal

Skin removal surgery, or body contouring, is typically performed by a plastic surgeon who removes loose skin and fat to change the shape of the skin.

Dr. Beidas says, “The surgery is tailored to each patient, based on the individual’s condition and needs. Keep in mind, the entire body is not shaped during one surgery. Skin removal is often performed in stages, focusing on one or more areas of the body at a time. In a good candidate, skin removal can be addressed on all body parts in 2-3 surgeries, and these are tailored to your priorities.”

That said, plan for a process. We will personalize your care to meet your needs as a unique individual.

Are You a Candidate?

It’s important to talk with a surgeon experienced in excess skin removal to see if you’re a candidate. You may be eligible if you:

  • Are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and meeting nutritional and fitness requirements
  • Don’t have any medical conditions that increase surgery risks
  • Don’t use nicotine products
  • Have maintained a stable weight for at least six months

What to Expect from Skin Removal Surgery

Because excess skin removal requires large incisions, you’ll have some scarring. Depending on your surgery, healing can take 2-4 weeks.

Like most steps on your weight loss journey, excess skin removal surgery isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. It can give the boost you need to your appearance, confidence, comfort and overall quality of life.

“Patients often share that undergoing plastic surgery to remove excess skin after significant weight loss has a profound impact on their lives. They frequently express how this procedure allows them to finally see the reflection of the person they feel like after putting in so much effort and dedication towards their weight loss journey," says Dr. Beidas.

Transform Your Life

If you think you can benefit from skin removal surgery, take the next step in your weight loss journey and reach out for an appointment today. We even offer virtual consultations to help you get started. We’re here to help you transform your whole life — body, mind and spirit.

About Dr. Beidas

Omar E. Beidas, MD, is a board-certified plastic surgeon — specializing in reconstructive surgery and contouring following massive weight loss. After completing his residency at the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, Dr. Beidas went on to earn a fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons where he has served as Vice Chair of the Practice Management Committee, a member of the Clinical Guideline Workgroup for Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy, and the Young Plastic Surgeons Steering Committee. He is also a member of The Aesthetic Society. He travels extensively to lecture and teach other surgeons about plastic surgery after weight loss.

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