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Take Control

Your Weight Loss Journey Begins Here

At AdventHealth Heart of Florida, formerly Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center, we’ll work together to determine if bariatric surgery is the right medical weight loss approach for you. Typically, you’re considered a good candidate for surgical weight loss if you:

  • Are 80 to 100 pounds over your ideal weight
  • Have tried multiple diets without lasting success
  • Live with diseases linked to obesity (type 2 diabetes diagnosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain/arthritis, sleep apnea and more)

We’ll also look at your BMI, age and other health factors to make sure you’re psychologically ready to take on the challenges and responsibilities that follow weight loss surgery.

Working with You

To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

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Sometimes Diet and Exercise Aren’t Enough

For many people, efforts to lose weight end up in a frustrating cycle of diets and exercise that don’t move the numbers on the scale. But take heart. Weight loss surgery is often the most effective medical weight loss method to help you reach your ideal weight and goals.

Impressive, Inspiring Weight Loss Success

You can expect to lose up to 70% of excess body weight within one year after bariatric surgery. You’ll also likely see improvement of obesity-related health issues, including a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, hypertension, high cholesterol and sleep apnea.

Expert Evaluations for Weight Loss Surgery Candidates

We’ll work you to determine if weight loss surgery is a good option. The criteria for surgical weight loss include these factors:  

  • Age 18- 65 years (in most cases)
  • BMI of 40 or above
  • BMI of 35 or above with additional health problems

You may also be eligible for bariatric surgery if you’ve tried to lose weight in the past without success and are: 

  • A nonsmoker
  • Diagnosed with obesity-related conditions (hypertension, heart disease or sleep apnea)
  • Not an excessive drinker 
  • Psychologically ready

A psychological evaluation is important so that you’re fully prepared with the changes and responsibility that comes with surgical weight loss. That includes a strict post-surgical diet for the rest of your life to maintain your weight loss and avoid the side effects of having a smaller stomach. 

You Can Count on Us

Because surgical weight loss results in a permanent lifestyle change, we want to be sure you’re fully prepared. So, we require all patients take the following steps:

Step 1: Attend a weight loss surgery seminar

Your first step toward bariatric surgery is to attend one of our free educational seminars to help you decide if weight loss surgery is right for you. Our bariatric surgeons will explain the program and answer questions about pre and post-surgical care, as well as the insurance process.

Register for a Weight Loss Seminar

Step 2: Call your insurance provider

Find out if your insurance policy will cover bariatric surgery. 

Step 3: Meet with the Surgeon 

After you attend a seminar you can then schedule an appointment with a bariatric surgeon at AdventHealth Heart of Florida. During the consultation, the doctor will have an opportunity to go through your medical history, decide which surgery is best for you and discuss your desires and expectations regarding surgical weight loss.

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AdventHealth Heart of Florida Weight Loss Program

Compassionate Care. Close to Home.

Shiva Seetahal , M.D., is our board-certified bariatric surgeon. Dr. Seetahal also offers a wide spectrum of general surgery procedures and specializes in minimally invasive and laparoscopic approaches. He prides himself on maintaining the highest standards of surgical weight loss management, patient care and patient satisfaction.