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Keep Your Balance by Treating Foot and Ankle Pain

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As we grow older, it’s easy to brush off any aches and pains that pop up as a natural part of aging. While it’s true that our joints and ligaments take on additional stresses as our feet and ankles age, pain is not always normal. Certified Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgeon Zachary A. Cavins, DPM, FACFAS, is here to provide hope that the foot and ankle pain you’re experiencing may be treatable.

Walk On

The way we walk is more important to our health than we might think. According to Dr. Cavins, “Over time, arthritic pains that we chalk up to aging can change the way we walk. These changes can lead to loss of balance, which in turn can lead to falls. These falls are very dangerous and potentially deadly. A fall can permanently injure you, steal your independence and change your quality of life.”

The CDC reports that falls are a leading cause of death among Americans over the age of 65. However, Dr. Cavins emphasizes, “With older Americans being more active than ever, we want them to be able to continue living their healthiest lives doing what they enjoy without being held back by arthritis, especially in their feet and ankles. They can be treated.”

Which Foot and Ankle Conditions Can Be Treated?

Painful foot and ankle conditions such as multiple joint arthritis, bunions and hammertoes, as well as diabetic peripheral neuropathy, are some of the conditions that make maintaining your balance more difficult. They are also treatable.

What Are the Available Treatment Options?

In his podiatry practice in DeLand, Florida, Dr. Cavins and his team often can recommend simple and conservative pain-relieving measures that may eliminate foot and ankle pain, improve balance and decrease the risk of falling.

If surgical intervention is required for painful foot deformities, simple techniques can be often performed, usually on an outpatient basis. Some can even have you walking home the same day.

Dr. Cavins explains, “In some instances, you may require larger reconstructive procedures for foot and ankle pain. But new and advanced surgical techniques, including arthroscopic foot and ankle surgery and total ankle joint replacements, offer alternatives to ankle fusion should you want to remain active.”

Striking the Right Balance for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Your feet and ankles provide a foundation for your active lifestyle, and we want to help you keep them strong for the long run. Consult with a foot and ankle surgeon who can provide you with an individualized care plan for the symptoms that have been causing you pain and help you safely keep doing the things that make you feel whole.

Learn more about Dr. Cavins and his practice and schedule an appointment here.

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