Phone Directory

AdventHealth DeLand

701 West Plymouth Avenue, DeLand, FL  32720

Call AdventHealth DeLand at386-943-4522

Departments Phone Number
AdventHealth Deland Cancer Institute Call AdventHealth Deland Cancer Institute at 386-943-7160
AdventHealth Deland Foundation Call AdventHealth Deland Foundation at 386-943-4487
Behavioral Health Call Behavioral Health at 386-943-4670
Behavioral Health Crisis Help Line Call Behavioral Health Crisis Help Line at 800-539-4228
BirthCare Center Call BirthCare Center at 386-943-4567
Cardiopulmonary Wellness Center Call Cardiopulmonary Wellness Center at 386-943-4716
Case Management Call Case Management at 386-943-4852
Centralized Scheduling/Insurance Verification Call Centralized Scheduling/Insurance Verification at 386-943-4610
Customer Service Call Customer Service at 888-676-2219
Diabetes Education Call Diabetes Education at 386-943-4727
Diabetes Health Center Call Diabetes Health Center at 386-736-7295
Elite Repeat Thrift Store Call Elite Repeat Thrift Store at 386-734-4893
Health Information Services/Medical Records Call Health Information Services/Medical Records at 386-943-4845
Home Health Call Home Health at 386-917-5830
Hospice Care Call Hospice Care at 800-404-1133
Human Resources Call Human Resources at 386-943-4788
Imaging Call Imaging at 386-943-4616
Laboratory Call Laboratory at 386-943-4620
Main Number Call Main Number at 386-943-4522
Market Place Gift Shop Call Market Place Gift Shop at 386-943-4493 x1117
Patient Access/Registration Call Patient Access/Registration at 386-943-4644
Patient Experience Call Patient Experience at 386-943-4862
Patient Financial Services Call Patient Financial Services at 386-943-4809
Risk Management Call Risk Management at 386-943-4763
Sleep Disorders Center Call Sleep Disorders Center at 386-943-4777
Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services Call Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services at 386-943-4690
TDD Line Call TDD Line at 386-738-1425
Transitional Care Call Transitional Care at 386-943-3100
Victoria Women's Center Call Victoria Women's Center at 386-943-4682
Volunteer Services Call Volunteer Services at 386-943-4820

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