A diabetic patient takes a finger prick reading from an insulin pen.
Don’t Just Manage Your Diabetes

Take Charge of It

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, we want to help you step into a new life. One that’s not just about managing your condition, but taking charge of it. At AdventHealth DeLand, formerly Florida Hospital DeLand, our approach to Diabetes Care focuses on whole-person wellness. That means we not only provide you with the leading diabetes treatments and educational resources you'd expect, we also blend them with transformational healing that cares for your mind and spirit, too. Come experience this different type of Diabetes Care and find new hope for managing and rising above your condition.

We’re here to help you find the right physician or a location that’s convenient for you.

Control Your Diabetes

Embrace Your Life

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Screening for Prediabetes and Diabetes

When it comes to diabetes, your care starts with helping you understand your risk. If you’re experiencing symptoms of diabetes, like frequent urination or extreme thirst, the caring team at AdventHealth DeLand, formerly Florida Hospital DeLand, will help you find answers. That’s why we participate in Volusia County community health outreach programs to promote early recognition of diabetes and prediabetes with screenings that can include:

  • A1C — A common blood test for diagnosing type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • Casual Plasma Glucose Test — Random screening for blood sugar levels
  • Fasting Plasma Glucose Test — Requires you to refrain from food or drink for eight hours
  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) — We’ll give you glucose and test your levels afterward

Once we figure out what your body is trying to say, we can press forward with a tailored plan to care for you. Let’s figure out where you stand. So we can get you started moving forward.

Better Resources. Better Management.

You may be guided to change your habits and your lifestyle. But you’ll never be alone in this adjustment. After your diabetes diagnosis and long into the future, we’ll be there to help guide you to better control your condition. Learn about symptoms, diabetes management, and related health concerns with the help of our extensive educational resources and classes.

Find certified nutritionists who can help you understand the important role that food and vitamins have on diabetes symptoms. Meet trainers who can help you find a fitness routine you actually enjoy. And lean on counselors, support groups, and stress management experts to help you channel your strength. You have a life to lead full of goals, hopes, and dreams. We’re here to help you live it.

Combining Compassion and Expertise

The right Diabetes Care can kick-start a new life for you — one marked with wellness, confidence, and grace. That’s where we come in. Staffed with both a Certified Diabetes Educator and Registered Dietitian, AdventHealth DeLand’s Diabetes Educator program can empower you with knowledge, inspiration, and the support you need to live life to the fullest.

Our program meets the Standard of Care for diabetic patient educational needs and is recognized by the American Diabetes Association, meaning you’ll receive some of the best care possible. But beyond our accreditations, we want you to feel confident in our compassionate approach to care. Because we’re here to do more than help lower your body’s glucose. We’re here to lift your spirit, too.

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Take Control of Your Health

Diabetes Care You Can Count On

You’ve got this, because you’ve got us. Get the expert guidance and support you need to manage your diabetes and live a happier, healthier life.

From Diagnosis to Life-Long Management

Your Partner in Care

Combining the needs of real life with the needs of advanced care isn't always easy. The good news is, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Our multidisciplinary care team is here to guide you to the medical, social, and local resources that can help make living with diabetes easier. Trust us to help you feel more confident, more in control, and more empowered in your care.