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The Importance of Proper Foot Care After Injury: Ana’s Story

A Provider Goes Over a Foot X-Ray with Her Patient

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On October 18, 2022, Ana Ali broke her pinky toe. While this may sound like a minor injury, it’s common for toe fractures to require surgery to ensure proper healing. After weighing her options with Mazen Abboud, DPM, a podiatric surgeon at AdventHealth Dade City, she underwent surgery on October 26.

Signs and Symptoms of Toe Injuries

Anyone who has stubbed their toe knows how painful a toe injury can be. But how do you know when it’s serious enough to see a doctor?

“As silly as it sounds, I was skipping barefoot down the hallway to my room, and I heard a break when my foot touched the ground,” said Ana. “I heard a bone crack and felt the sharp pain immediately afterward.”

As a health care professional, Ana knew she needed to be seen quickly by a podiatrist to prevent further damage. She had X-rays done before seeing Dr. Abboud, and she was diagnosed with a displaced fifth metatarsal fracture on her left foot. According to Dr. Abboud, only five percent of his patients experience this type of fracture.

Ana’s Treatment Plan

After her diagnosis, Ana scheduled her surgery at AdventHealth Dade City. “Ana had an open reduction internal fixation of the fifth metatarsal fracture,” said Dr. Abboud. She needed six nails and a metal plate to hold the pinky bone together.

After surgery, Ana had to carefully follow post-surgery instructions to ensure she continued healing properly. Following this type of surgery, surgeons will refer most patients to outpatient physical therapy, where they will receive a personalized treatment plan. Outpatient therapy helps patients increase mobility, reduce swelling and minimize scar tissue.

“Ana was a great patient, and she was very compliant with all after-care instructions,” said Dr. Abboud. He continued, “it’s the most important part for a successful outcome.”

Ana’s New Outlook

Ana and Dr. Abboud

Less than two months after her surgery, Ana could resume normal activities. She said the hardest part of the process was realizing the different activities she took for granted.

“It’s amazing how much we take for granted our daily habits and our ability to use all of our appendages regularly,” said Ana. “I missed being able to get around normally with both my feet, wear my shoes and run around with my family.”

She is grateful to be back to her normal self, although she has learned to be a bit more careful while skipping. She credited Dr. Abboud and the team at AdventHealth Dade City with her quick and smooth recovery.

“I think finding the right physician is important, along with finding the right place to have surgery where you feel safe,” said Ana. “I felt well taken care of at AdventHealth Dade City.”

Taking a Step Toward Better Health

Every part of your body is connected, helping you walk, skip and run through life. If an injury or illness affects your feet or legs, it affects all of you — from a limp that makes your back hurt to ankle pain that leaves you unsteady. Trust our whole-person podiatric care to help relieve your pain, soothe your mind and lift your spirit.

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