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What is a Mental Health Navigator and How Can They Help You?

Two Parents and a Child Speak to a Mental Health Professional

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If you’ve recently been referred to our Mental Health Navigation program, you may be wondering what it is and who you’ll have the opportunity to connect with. Michelle Reed, our AdventHealth for Children Mental Health Navigator, is here to introduce herself and explain a little more about this special program. Read more in our Q&A.

What are your background and credentials?

Michelle: I have been in social work for the past 20 years, and I've worked mainly with child welfare for up to about 16 of those years. I've also worked in the DJJ facility (Department Juvenile Justice facility), and I’ve helped individuals with developmental delays. I’m currently in school to pursue my Master’s degree in social work.

How do you get connected to the patients you work with?

Michelle: The majority of the youth I’ve been connected with come through the ER. I also accept referrals from outside the community; for example, our AdventHealth Medical Group Pediatric Psychiatry office and other referrals from the community are sent my way.

How do you help your patients and their families?

Michelle: I initially meet with the family. We discuss their family’s needs, talk about mental health, and make referrals to mental health providers to get them on the right path toward healing. I also work with families about their educational needs.

We also address medical, educational and financial needs as stressors in these areas can also impact a family's wellbeing and overall their mental health. We want to address the child and family's needs as a whole unit. Most of those needs are for mental health or serious issues that impact mental health.

What makes our Mental Health Navigation program important and unique?

Michelle: This role is so important and unique because, as a patient, you’ll have a person that helps walk you through your and your family’s toughest times. We act as a liaison between the family and the services available in the community. Next steps can be overwhelming for a family dealing with a crisis. Instead of a parent or guardian researching mental health resources for their child on their own, I can help walk them through the process and next steps to help their child. It's an honor and privilege to help support families in their most vulnerable times.

To learn more about our Mental Health Navigation program or to get connected, visit:, or call Call407-609-2583.

Crisis Resources:

In an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 24/7
English and Español
Call 988 or Call1-888-628-9454

LGBTQ+ 24/7 Crisis Hotline

Lifeline of Central Florida

Call 211 to connect with local community resources in your area.

If you would rather text, please utilize these numbers (messaging fees waived for most major carriers):

Text CONNECT to the PRS Crisis Text Line: 85511

Text START to the National Crisis Text Line: 741741

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