The CPE Process

The CPE process utilizes verbatim, case studies, and other methods for reporting one’s ministry and pastoral care for self-evaluation and group supervision. The discussions surrounding one’s ministry focus on what is happening with the caregiver, as much as what is happening with the people receiving ministry. 

CPE students structured education sessions involve weekly seminars, and supervision which focus on theological, medical, psychological, emotional, interpersonal and group dynamics. These sessions along with the clinical experience and related reading, provide opportunities for challenge, support, caregiving and personal reflection. 

In CPE, students enter a pastoral training program of small-group, action-reflection-action learning. Spiritual Care Leadership development is fostered by:

  • Personal goal-setting and ongoing reflection within a safe and respectful small group context
  • Theological, spiritual and personal reflection
  • Facilitated peer dialogue
  • Collaboration with doctors, hospital staff and a team approach to patient care
  • One-on-one consultation regularly with a CPE Supervisor
  • Reflective self and group evaluation process

As a CPE student at AdventHealth, you can expect:

  • To be involved in ministry in a wide range of clinical contexts and a diversity of patients, families and staff, while functioning as a part of the multidisciplinary care team
  • To be encouraged and challenged to become excellent in pastoral care ministry, to expect more from yourself than you imagine, and to participate in providing effective and meaningful pastoral care for every person, every time
  • To learn about yourself as person, as learner, as colleague in the learning process and as a minister to persons in crisis
  • To learn about how your strengths and weaknesses, your brokenness and wholeness, your faith and your doubts – inhibit and enhance your spiritual care practice

Level 1, 2 and Certified Educator Clinical Pastoral Education at AdventHealth Orlando CPE System Center is accredited by: ACPE, Inc. One West Court Square, Suite 325, Decatur, GA 30030   Call404-320-1472

Why CPE At An

APCE, Inc. Center?

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Meet The Team

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Vivian chico headshot

Vivian Chico

Executive Assistant 

Vaughn grant headshot

Vaughan Grant, ACPE

Certified Educator

Terry hood headshot

Terry Hood, BCC


ngan ling headshot

Ngan Ling Lung, ACPE

Certified Educator

wes monfalcone headshot

Wes Monfalcone, ACPE

Certified Educator

jay perez headshot

Orlando Jay Perez, ACPE

Certified Educator

headshot of Ramona Reynolds, dressed in black in front of gray background

Ramona Reynolds, ACPE

Certified Educator

joey rivera headshot

Joey Rivera, ACPE

Certified Educator

debbie rodriguez headshot

Deborah Rodriguez, CPE


jennifer bordenet headshot

Jennifer Seberger, ACPE

Certified Educator

linda simmons headshot

Linda Wright-Simmons, BCC


alisha edwards headshot

Alisha Edwards, ACPE

Certified Educator Candidate

mary foley headshot

Mary Foley, ACPE

Certified Educator

sam bryan headshot

Sam Bryan, ACPE

Certified Educator

martin shaw headshot

Martin Shaw

Chaplain and Pastoral Education Fellow

Frequently Asked Questions

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Call: Mon-Fri, 9 am – 4 pm
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