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Helping Physicians Feel Whole

At The Center for Physician Wellbeing, we understand the depth of your service as a health care provider. We want to offer you equal support for your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

We offer various types of counseling designed to meet physicians’ needs, along with virtual sessions and workshops where you can give and receive support from fellow providers. Our services are available to credentialed AdventHealth physicians, allied health professionals and their families. All physicians are eligible for six free counseling sessions per year, which are also redeemable by family members.

To make a counseling appointment or request a virtual physician lounge or workshop, please email [email protected] or fill out this form.

Our Counseling Services

We offer professional, evidence-based counseling focused on the findings of neuroscience that inform treatment. Counseling can be an effective, efficient way for individuals to overcome hardship, increase confidence and improve quality of life. Through counseling, health care providers can benefit from various interventions and strategies to reduce symptoms, improve functioning and develop coping skills.

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Our Additional Services

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  • A Resident speaks with Hospital Staff


    Coaching assesses a physician’s daily practice through Intentional Rounding, which involves a therapist observing the physician in-vivo to note areas of strength and weakness relating to communication, workflow and professional wellbeing. The physician and therapist will discuss recommendations for improvement and develop strategies to implement positive change. The physician will receive support from the therapist during the trial/error process of implementing change via in-person or virtual meetings. To schedule a counseling or coaching appointment, call our office at 407-303-9674.

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    Our workshops are specifically developed with physicians and advanced practice providers in mind and provide opportunities to learn, practice new skills, de-stress, connect and have fun. Workshops are also available upon request for specific teams or departments and can be facilitated in person or virtually. Topics may include self-compassion, work-life balance, grief and loss, healthy ways to handle anger, women in medicine, addiction, time management, interpersonal skills and more.