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5 Benefits of Primary Care

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Healthcare is complex. Having one doctor who knows you and your health history and to help guide you is essential as a Disney Cast Member or Employee.

Researchers at the journal Health Affairs found that patients who have a primary care provider benefit from better health, lower overall health-care costs and are happier with their care.

Here are five reasons you should build a relationship with a primary care provider —generally considered the specialties of internal medicine, family practice, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatrics — and improve health care for you and your family.

1. Continuity

Having a single physician who has seen you for everything from bellyaches to immunizations to blood-pressure control means you have a trusted healthcare partner who knows your history. When you have an appointment, you don’t have to explain yet again that there’s heart disease in your family or list the medications you’re taking and in what doses- it’s already in your medical record.

2. Convenience

Within a primary care practice, you can assess a wide variety of health services: preventative care and screenings; care for chronic conditions such as asthma, hypertension and diabetes; and acute care for problems like aches and pains, coughs and high fever.

A preventive care visit – also known as an ‘annual physical’ or ‘wellness visit’ is when you make an appointment with your PCP to talk about your current health status and how you can stay well. This visit usually occurs once a year and is covered 100% by Disney’s HMO medical option. And, under Disney’s wellness rewards program, you can earn $100 for a preventive care visit and up to another $200 in rewards for healthy weight and blood pressure results.

Please be aware that addressing acute or chronic medical problems does not fall within the services of a preventative/wellness care visit. These issues should be addressed at another visit and are subject to your regular copay for a primary care visit.

3. Health maintenance

Your primary care doctor can help you avoid health problems. Based on the doctor’s examination and your medical history, he or she can determine whether you’re at increased risk for conditions like diabetes, cancer and heart disease, and then help you take steps to prevent or delay them from developing.

4. Early detection

Regular checkups and contact with your primary care physician make it more likely that any health issues will be detected early when they’re often more treatable.

5. Better communication

When patients know their physician and the practice staff, visits are less stressful and more productive. It’s easier to talk about sensitive issues with someone you know in a familiar setting than with a stranger in a strange place.

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