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What Do Chaplains Offer? Faith, Hope, and Being a Presence.

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When the double doors open into a hallway lined with AdventHealth employees, patients, and their loved ones, there's almost always someone else in the mix: A Chaplain.

Whether you need a prayer or someone to speak with, AdventHealth's Chaplains love nothing more than showing up and being a presence. Our spiritual care team believes in the healing power of faith and prayer - by giving people hope and guidance in whatever way they can, regardless of denomination or faith.

Alexander Angellakis, Chaplain Manager at AdventHealth Tampa, speaks frankly about the well-being of employees still reeling from the acute strain brought on by the pandemic, "Our mission is the foundation for everything we do: Working to Extend the Healing Ministry of Christ. Every day, I'm focused on the spiritual health of patients and staff. So many nurses are struggling from the extreme hardship of the pandemic - and they need to feel that we're here for them. It's important to hear their concerns and make them feel appreciated and valued." Alex also talked about his goal to establish something innovative to engage his team differently.


Alex met Jennifer Eddings, Nurse Development Manager at AdventHealth Tampa.

When his care and compassion coupled with her energy and vision, something extraordinary came to be. Healing the Healers is a new program to help nurses reflect and recover. The program offers seven unique and self-guided stations throughout the hospital. An Acknowledgement Board lets staff pin thoughts on a large bulletin board to help them share and process emotions. A Mindfulness Station offers meditation and reflection. Nurses can contemplate what they've experienced and how hard it has been. The Healing for Healers program allows nurses to feel their organization's deep empathy for everyone in the AdventHealth family.

One of Jennifer's favorite quotes is posted on social media for everyone to see: The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others ~ Gandhi. She has witnessed this in her co-workers who participate in another AdventHealth Program. The Spiritual Ambassador lets staff share their faith, engage in spiritual context with patients and guests. – and heal, "The program allows us to be a branch of AdventHealth's ministry. We learn to help patients and their loved ones work through emotional conversations. We can be vulnerable and compassionate and let the patient know we care."

As a Chaplain at the AdventHealth Care Center, Richard Guerrero sees the organization's approach to healthcare ministry as different and unique, "As a whole, everyone in the AdventHealth family provides the best medical care possible by treating the body, mind, and spirit – rather than just the body. Employees can engage in a spiritual context with patients, and kindness and compassion are a part of everyone's job description.”

Richard has deep roots in the Spiritual Ambassador Program, "It's wonderful because today, over 5,000 of our fellow workers can share their faith with patients and guests. The program allows people to share what they already have inside of them – and put it into action."

Another day, another program, and another opportunity for AdventHealth to advance our mission: Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ.

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