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It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint

Trevor Jordan at a race

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Certain activities are just freeing for those who partake in them. For some people, it’s fishing. For others, it could be painting. For Trevor Jordan, however, its running.

“You develop a sense of freedom and excitement when you lace up,” he said. “The benefits are almost automatically noticeable. The endorphins, the runner’s high, and the reminder that you feel better, think more clearly and are generally healthier because of it.”

A cross country runner throughout high school, Trevor has made running a part of his wellness routine as an adult, along with a healthy diet. And for good reason.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 50.9 % of men ages 20 and over have hypertension and 40.5% of men ages 20 and over are considered obese. While these statistics encapsulate an unfortunate, ongoing trend in men’s health, they come into even greater focus as June brings the observance of Men’s Health Month.

Trevor runs about three times per week to stay in shape, often outdoors in the neighborhood which he lives. He also tries to participate in at least one organized race event or marathon per month. In all he has participated in around 150 events as a runner. He has run races across the country and even traveled abroad, as far as Ireland, to take part in a 10K. Despite being a well-travelled half-marathoner, his favorite event to participate in is pretty close to home.

“My favorite is the Winter Park Road Race, which is typically held in March,” he said. “It could be pretty cold or pretty muggy and I like it because it is challenging, but you do feel great when you finish.”

A senior program manager for the Population Health Services Organization (PHSO), Trevor joined AdventHealth in 2017. He immediately noticed the organization’s focus on health and wellness for its employees and was excited to learn that AdventHealth had a race team that annually participated in the corporate 5K in Orlando. For Trevor, getting involved was a no-brainer.

“I had the honor of working with corporate and market leaders as a corporate 5K team captain. It was a wonderful way to share my passion for running with our internal teams and our surrounding community,” he said. “A great thing about getting involved with an event like this was that it’s not just a fun run, the money raised from registrations and donations goes to charities.”

Trevor’s personal experience has taught him that a few important investments can make running more enjoyable and comfortable that he encourages new or inexperienced runners to keep in mind.

“I’d invest in some good shoes. I also think a smart watch is a great investment because it is usually pretty accurate and also allows you to leave everything else at home,” he said.

Trevor, himself, has seen and experienced the benefits of running. While it is almost second nature for him at this point in his life, he believes that regardless of when or how someone starts their running journey, it can be beneficial for them as well.

“Running is a great way to clear your head, and in my opinion, the health benefits almost can’t be matched by other exercise regimens,” he said. “If you can run a few times a week or use a stationary bike and cross-train with resistance bands or weights, you can check many boxes. The cardiovascular health benefits from running keep you ready to play the long game.”

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