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AdventHealth Puts a LENS™ on Safety and Reliability

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The data is clear. Today, most employees seek meaning beyond the daily grind and a paycheck.

They're looking for a positive work environment with a shared sense of purpose and mutual trust. Furthermore, departments and units that grow a strong culture have higher retention rates.

AdventHealth has adopted LENS™ technology, an innovative learning engagement system designed to enhance safe and reliable care and provide team members with a platform to share their thoughts and ideas. LENS™ eliminates work silos by establishing a central place to celebrate achievements, share new safety protocols, understand objectives, recognize contributions and work together to learn and grow. With all essential communication in one place - team members are able to provide only the best in patient care.

Whether on-site or remote, team members can access LENS™ through a variety of input channels, including large touch-screens available within their units or via their phone or a computer – from anywhere they happen to be.

The results are in. LENS™ is helping to build a stronger sense of community. As the largest healthcare organization in the United States using LENS™, AdventHealth has implemented the system in every region.

AdventHealth is Driving Healthcare Innovation Forward with LENS™ Technology

Joann Ankoviak, Chief Nursing Office, speaks about the transparency LENS™ encourages, "I like to say it's the source of truth because team members can talk about what the pebbles in their shoes are, what needs to be fixed in their unit. And the good news is that employees are telling us - through our annual safety surveys - that it makes a difference because of the voice they have in the care that they provide."

Senior Nurse Manager Kristin Burske has also seen the positive effect LENS™ has on her team, "I think at the beginning there was some reticence, but as they put up their ideas and they were able to see things happening, that changed. For example, I had a staff member who had concerns with the handrails in a shower, and within a day or two, we had engineering. We had our safety officer and our CEO in the patient rooms, in the showers, looking at them, trying to see, hey, what can we do to address this?"

LENS™ provides vital tools for onboarding and helping new employees feel included from day one. "Why would you not choose somewhere that wants to hear from you?” asks Kya Andrews, Director of Safety & High Reliability. “The decisions will come from that brand new nurse coming straight out of school with great ideas that we could implement and truly make our patients and our team members safer.”

A greater sense of belonging creates a company culture where workers are respected and listened to, and camaraderie naturally develops and thrives. AdventHealth is committed to fostering community by empowering and recognizing all team members.

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