Anthony LoGalbo, PhD

Neuropsychologist, Clinical Co-Director of the Florida Hospital Sports Concussion Management Program

Dr. Anthony LoGalbo, PhD is an experienced Neuropsychologist with Medical Psychology Associates in Winter Park. He specializes in evaluating and treating patients who have experienced traumatic brain injuries and concussions, memory disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Patients are referred to him for his expertise in cognitive function testing and proficiency in treating patients with other neurological and cerebrovascular conditions such as; cerebral infection (including meningitis and encephalitis), brain tumors, stroke, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. As Clinical Co-Director of the AdventHealth Sports Concussion Management program, he oversees concussion education and evaluations for dozens of high school, club, college and professional athletic teams across Central Florida. Dr. LoGalbo earned his PhD in medical/clinical psychology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and carried out his internship in rehabilitation medicine at the University of Washington prior to completing his advanced fellowship training in Neuropsychology and Gerontology at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle.

Sports Medicine, Mental Health