AdventHealth West Florida Division COVID-19 vaccine update

AdventHealth Tampa, the largest AdventHealth hospital in Tampa Bay, is prepared to accept and store COVID-19 vaccines once the federal and state officials release allotments. AdventHealth Tampa has purchased additional freezers to store vaccines at extremely cold temperatures and the hospital will also manufacture its own dry ice to transport the vaccine within the health care system and to additional facilities as needed during distribution. AdventHealth Tampa Chief Medical Officer Dr. Doug Ross shared that while a vaccine is on the way in the coming days, it will not be widely available to the general public in the first phase of distribution. He also reminds the public that while hope is on the horizon with the arrival of a vaccine, everyone should continue to wear a mask, social distance and continue good hand hygiene.

Interview with Dr. Doug Ross, Chief Medical Officer, AdventHealth Tampa:


  • Vaccination storage 00:00-1:03
  • Vaccine distribution (population groups and phases) 1:04-2:00
  • You can’t just request a COVID-19 vaccine 2:01-2:52
  • What you should do as we continue to wait for the vaccine 2:53-3:27
  • There’s hope on the horizon with the vaccines on the way 3:28-4:08