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Recover From Achilles Tears and Get Back in Your Game With Our Sports Performance Program

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New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers' 2023 season ended quickly when the quarterback was injured during their opening game. The team’s worst fears were realized when an MRI revealed a torn Achilles tendon.

Why are Achilles tendon tears literally the “Achilles heel” for so many athletes? As the metaphor suggests, the Achilles tendon is a vulnerable spot. Like Aaron Rodgers, athletes can be benched for an entire season with this type of tear injury.

We’re here with our Sports Medicine experts, general manager for sports performance at the AdventHealth Training Center, Bryan Meyer, NSCA,CSCS, NASM, PES, ACSM, as well as Tony Munoz, MS, LAT, ATC, CES, PES, to fill us in on Achilles tears, how they’re treated and how our new Sports Performance program can help. Read on to learn more.

What is a torn Achilles and how do they typically occur?

Bryan: A torn Achilles is when the Achilles tendon, which connects your calf muscle to your heel bone, tears. There are three grades when it comes to an Achilles injury:

  • Grade 1 involves a few tendon fiber tears
  • Grade 2 is a partial tear
  • Grade 3 is a full tear

These injuries typically occur due to a sudden, violent contraction muscle contraction (like pushing off fast) or through an overstretched mechanism.

How is a torn Achilles treated?

Tony: Depending on the severity, surgery may be an option, although not necessary depending on what the patient wants to return to doing. Regardless, rehabilitation is needed to help strengthen and stretch the calf muscles to optimize function to return to their desired goals.

What can patients expect and how can they prepare for treatment?

Bryan: Patients can expect to have functional deficits following Achilles injury. It’s important to seek medical advice as soon as possible. Through the rehabilitation process, patients will gradually notice progress in strength, mobility, pain and walking.

What can patients expect and how can they prepare for treatment?

Tony: Recovery time can be a long process. It’s very different for each patient depending on their return to desired goals. Recovery entails rehabilitation to help regain their full range of motion and strength of the ankle/calf complex.

What is the usual recovery time and what does recovery entail?

Tony: Recovery time can range from a few weeks to many months depending on the injury grade. All clients are different and to put a set range is not realistic. The assessments and how well each person reacts to treatment is always the deciding factor. At AdventHealth, we’re concerned with treating every patient as an individual and not going by set recovery dates.

How can the new Sports Performance program tailor treatment to patients suffering from a torn Achilles?

Bryan: When it comes to assessment in performance training, an often-overlooked part of the body is the foot and ankle complex. If the foot and ankle complex can’t absorb and create force, injuries like this can occur. Assessing the athletes before any jumping and strength programs begin is important.

When we assess athletes, we look at the entire body; it needs to move as a unit rather than thinking about the individual parts. Tackles and hits occur in sports, and some are unavoidable. We prepare our athletes for extreme end ranges of movement and then add strength to ranges to prepare for sports.

Sports Performance Starts From the Ground Up

When it comes to Achilles tendon injuries, a proper assessment and strength program starts from the ground up.

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